You’ll Want to Add These GG Flora Ophidia Bags to Your Holiday Wishlist

And then plan the perfect tropical escape to wear them. In Collaboration with Gucci.

While many dream of a white Christmas and snowy holiday season, others spend theirs in a very different white surrounding, that of white sandy beaches. And though the idyllic fresh snow holiday season matches that of Hallmark movies and cheery songs from our childhood, palm trees and days under the sun by the warm ocean can’t be beat. Perfectly timed with holiday gifting, Gucci Cruise 2020 just landed on site and Alessandro Michele takes us on a warm winter escape. His winter break involves a fully decked out Gucci Cruise ship that sets sail with a quirky, colorful vibe (no really, check out the video it’s so fun).

Starring in the Gucci Cruise 2020 collection is a line of Gucci Flora motif bags, each featuring the GG motif with the Flora print atop, offset by bright leather trim. The line of bags with green leather trim are online exclusives and available in some of the most coveted Gucci shapes, including the Ophidia Backpack, Ophidia Mini Round Bag, and Ophidia Shoulder Bag.

The historic Gucci Flora motif was first presented by Vittorio Accornero more than 50 years ago. The pattern combines countless flowers, both classic and tropical, which is then layered over the GG motif and trimmed with bright green leather. All of the bags we’re featuring are available exclusively online and will have a special “Gucci Limited Edition” tag at the interior.

Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Mini Round Shoulder Bag via

One of my favorite shapes from the house is the Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag. This shape is a tad unexpected in handbag shapes but one of the most eye-catching and usable smaller bag shapes on market right now. The print works really well on this shape, offering just the right amount of colors and design elements to really make the bag pop. And nothing says tropical escape like green leather trim. This shoulder bag fits more than you’d imagine (more on that here) and offers interior zipper and smartphone pockets. The adjustable shoulder strap makes the bag incredibly easy to wear with a 17.5″ drop. Dimensions are 9.5″W x 7.5″H x 3″D.

If you’re a backpack person, this Cruise 2020 version is for you. The size of the Ophidia Backpack falls into the ‘just right’ category, not overly cumbersome but not in the extremely small category either. An exterior front zippered pocket allows for easy access and can hold your keys or phone without having to access the larger interior compartment. The inside’s beige cotton linen lining makes it easy to locate each item you place inside and there’s a zipper pocket alongside the back of the bag for important items as well as two open smartphone pockets in the front for easier access. The back of the backpack is made of black mesh and the backpack straps are adjustable.

We featured the Ophidia Mini Round Bag previously and this floral version brightens the bag and offers a playful twist. The flora print and green leather trim takes your mind to a happy place, one where palm trees and sunshine help melt your worries away. The chain strap offers a 22.5″ drop. Round bags don’t fit as much inside but you can fit a cell phone with dimensions of up to 3.1”W x 5.7”H x .3”D and use a card case in place of a larger wallet. Overall dimensions are 7″W x 7″H x 2″D.

Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Small Shoulder Bag via

Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Small Backpack via

Each of these designs comes in a standout box that showcases a special holographic printing technique which offers a striped tie dye effect along with tropical inspired image of palm trees. The box is as much a statement as the item inside, and that is how you offer an all encompassing shopping experience. Gucci continues to draw in customers and provide an inviting and exhilarating experience, from website to store to packaging to bags, these online exclusives make for a holiday gift to remember.

Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Small Shoulder Bag via

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