You Can Now Send Greetings with Cards Shaped Like Louis Vuitton Bags

Say “thinking of you!” with a 3D card produced in the image of a $five,200 handbag

By now, we all know that luxury brands make a lot additional than just the simple stuff like bags and footwear. There are sporting goods, leather sculptures, paperweights, chess sets—anything you may possibly reasonably dress up as fancy and marketplace to these with a huge quantity of expendable earnings. Nowadays, we have a further entrant to the pantheon of niche luxury goods: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle greeting cards, 3 for $74.

$74 is an astronomical quantity of cash for greeting cards of any sort, but in Vuitton’s meager defense, the cards are not just basic, after-folded lengths of paperboard. Alternatively, they’re a small craft project: you punch them out along a series of perforations and fold them up to appear like actual Petite Malle bags, full with surprisingly realistic-hunting exteriors. For $74, although, it appears like they ought to currently come reduce out. Also, it is unclear how a single may possibly mail these.

Yeah, it may possibly be less difficult to address them flat and have their recipient be the a single to full the small craft project? Or, probably they’re most effective saved for in-individual card exchanges.

Either way, they’re a small pricey, but there are dumber issues to commit far additional cash on and these are impressively realistic, at least in images. You can get a set for your self via Louis Vuitton they seem to be sold out on the brand’s site.