Throwback Thursday: An Ode to the Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires

The bag every single handbag lover either owned or wanted at the start off of their collection

Megs and I have each discussed in detail how our like of bags started in huge portion due to Prada’s Nylon bags. In middle college a Prada Nylon backpack was the factor to have, and even though it was on the incredibly leading of my wishlist, my dreams did not discriminate, and I also created space in my thoughts for the Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires. Though it is arguable that Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bag is the Speedy, the Pochette Accessoires has constantly been 1 of the most wildly preferred entry-level designs. The Pochette is an iconic bag that stands the test of time and it has been released in several iterations such as collaborations with Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami. It was relevant then, and even though it is not fairly deemed a throwback however as it is nevertheless relevant now I believed it would be exciting to revisit this bag back in its heyday.

Let’s rewind it way back to 2005 when I was a freshman in higher college. It was at that time when a monogram Pochette Accessoires was THE bag to have. Back then, little ones got cell phones later in their youth, and it was about that time when little ones my age began finding cell phones and going to parties (aka boy-girl get togethers). We necessary some thing smaller, but nevertheless fashionable to hold our pink Motorola Razor Cell Phones and Jessica Simpson Dessert Lip Glosses (who remembers these?!). We wanted to appear cool in our velour Juicy Couture tracksuits but not like we had been attempting also tough, and back then the Pochette was the excellent selection. It match completely beneath your arm and was just huge sufficient to carry the necessities of a girl just barely into her teens. The Pochette was a great selection also mainly because not only was it comparatively economical sufficient to beg your parents for it as your ‘one-and-only’ birthday present, but if you saved every single penny you created babysitting you could ultimately save up for it oneself.

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I by no means did place away sufficient to purchase the Pochette—I attempted to be ‘different’ and saved for a Dior Saddle bag rather. I nevertheless assume of the Pochette fondly as it reminds me of considerably easier instances, which is why I assume I fell so tough for the new Louis Vuitton Pochette Multi. Rumors have swirled for a couple of years now that the Pochette Accessoires is getting discontinued, and even though there’s no concrete proof (we’re waiting to hear from the group at LV), it appears that the brand genuinely may well be laying its iconic Pochette to rest. Members of tPF have reported confirmation of the bag’s retirement from sales associates as nicely, even though the bag is nevertheless listed on the web for $525. It is shown in Monogram Canvas and Damier Azur, but each are sold out on the web and bear the dreaded ‘call for availability’. Though the Pochette is most certainly unavailable on the web, if you are hunting to snag 1 ahead of it is gone for great, attain out to your regional boutique as it is feasible there are nevertheless some situated in retailer.

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