This Gucci Accessory Has Our Forum Members Buzzing

Need a key pouch? This is the one tPFers are loving right now

Many of us have changed the way or frequency in which we carry our bags in the past year. While I have been going into my closet and taking out my bags more recently (I missed them!), I have also changed the way I run errands like grocery store runs. I rarely go to the store with a larger bag now, because I am going there on a mission to grab what we need and make the visit quick. I typically have a pouch with me, small enough to slide under my arm and hold my keys and credit cards and typically a small hand sanitizer.

Last week I saw a thread on our forum with a user sharing her new Gucci Key Pouch and the items that fit inside. A few others chimed in that they too had this pouch and loved it. So I did what any bag lover would do, I ran (with my fingers on my keyboard) to to check it out for myself. And what I saw, I loved.

Downsizing our bags to mere necessities for quick in and outs of stores simply makes sense, and I feel like I should have done this pre-pandemic. I actually don’t love taking my bags to a store where I need to place it in a cart, it always seems like the cart could damage the leather or have some residue that could stain my bags as well. And carrying a bag under the arm while picking up a lot of items is annoying (crossbody bags are good in this instance). A key pouch just makes sense and it seems this might be the ideal option.

The Gucci Ophidia GG Key Pouch brings the Gucci house elements that are recognizable and loved, including the beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, brown leather trim, and the green and red web stripe which pays homage to the brand’s roots together on a compact accessory. There’s a metal key hook and zipper closure with overall dimensions of 5.5″W x 3″H x 1″D. The tPF member who shared this showed it fits her car key, singlet hand sanitizer pouches (which work great against spills), cash, and credit cards. It looks to me like there would be room for a lipstick/lipgloss as well. This takes me back to my college days of carrying a small pouch/case when I went out, and though times have changed, sometimes simplifying our lives – even when it comes to running into the store – is a good move to make. Price is $390.

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