These New Louis Vuitton Twist Bags Are Versatile and Eye-Catching

This Residence icon keeps acquiring improved

A brand like Louis Vuitton has an expansive supplying when it comes to its bags, from the classics that we all know to seasonal renditions and new releases (like the Coussin which was just introduced). 1 bag that is a cornerstone staple for the brand is the Twist, a bag that fuses Louis Vuitton’s brand heritage with contemporary day appeal. In reality, you may possibly feel this bag has been about longer than it essentially has (it was initially shown on the catwalk for the 2015 Cruise show), but that only goes to show the quick timelessness of the design and style.

The standout function of the Louis Vuitton Twist is the special clasp which pivots the LV into a V and this twisting mechanism is what provides the bag its personal name. The initially rendition featured Epi leather, which I uncover to be one particular of the most tough leathers you will come into get in touch with with on a bag, and considering the fact that it was initially introduced, the bag has been reinvented lots of occasions more than. Our Ultimate Bag Guide of the Louis Vuitton Twist shows the diverse sizes and solutions, which includes some of the most gorgeous exotic versions, that are provided for the House’s Iconic Twist bag.

For spring 2021, the Twist has been re-imagined in each delicate and vibrant shades, braided detailing, and diverse strap and carrying solutions to adjust up the general really feel of the bag. When the Twist was initially released, it possessed a a lot more dressed up vibe, as it was a bag that most carried for nights out or to a lot more formal events. But this season, the wide variety of carrying solutions presented enables this bag to be far a lot more usable from day to evening and beyond. There are solutions with fine chain straps, or versions with broad shoulder straps embroidered with the LV Monogram flowers which transforms the look of the bag completely. Other solutions involve a leather best manage, which modifications how the bag will appear as nicely. The diverse solutions of carrying the bag enables for crossbody, more than the shoulder, below the arm, or in your hand solutions, generating this bag very versatile.

Bag collectors have a tendency to normally have classic bags as go-to staples amongst trendier pieces. The good point about the Louis Vuitton Twist is that it presents each a wardrobe cornerstone bag along with lots of possibilities to actually make this bag one particular that you can carry as substantially or as tiny as you’d like.

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