The Three Ways I Use My Louis Vuitton Neverfull Pouches

Smaller but mighty, I am obsessed with my Neverfull pouches

It must go without having saying that I really like my handbag collection dearly, but I need to acknowledge the truth that there is practically nothing sensible or fiscally affordable about my hobby of acquiring a collection of designer handbags. Hear me out, I’m an clear purse enthusiast, but deep down I know that my bags are merely material indulgences. This is not a negative issue, but I’ll be the initially to admit it is a quite pricy hobby to have (as I’m certain most of you know), and I frequently locate myself scoffing at the costs of handbags on my wishlist. It appears that bags retain having smaller sized and costs retain having larger, and it can be a difficult pill to swallow to portion strategies with such a significant sum of revenue for a bag. When dropping 4 figures on an item, it can actually really feel like you are having one thing teeny tiny in return (specially with the influx of mini bags on the scene). It is uncommon that I really feel like I am actually having my money’s worth, even when I use and really like a bag, but a single designer handbag exception to this rule is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

I’ve talked about my really like for the Neverfull at length just before, and despite the fact that I’ve been favoring my leather bags a lot more than my LV’s as of late, my obsession with the Neverfull is nonetheless going robust. Yes, it is extremely functional and the epitome of a workhorse bag, but I believe the worth of the Neverfull is a principal aspect of why this style remains a single of my favorites (and is the bag I typically advocate to a initially-time designer bag purchaser). Louis Vuitton contains a zippered clutch with the buy of the Neverfull, which is generally adding one more bag to your buy. Even though the clutch has been integrated with the Neverfull buy for years, the novelty of the inclusion of a clutch has nonetheless not worn off on me.

When I purchased my initially Neverfull I was delighted when I realized the clutch was integrated. I was shocked when the sales associate told me that the clutch was integrated no cost of charge when I purchased mine, specially mainly because it was appropriate right after they began which includes them in 2014 (I lucked out!). I now personal 3 Neverfulls, and hence personal 3 of the pouches. More than the years, I have gone back and forth with how I use them. I’ve identified that I use mine predominantly for 3 purposes.


The initially way I use the pouch is as the bag is intended, as a clutch. The interior of the pouch has it is personal pocket and an exterior zipper, so I location my credit card in the pocket and then use the physique of the bag to retailer my telephone, a lip gloss, a compact, and an inhaler. Not significantly else fits, as it is not the biggest of clutches, but it is absolutely functional. The clutch also comes with a removable hand strap, which I opt to attach only when making use of as a clutch.


The second way, and my preferred, of making use of the pouch is as a wallet. For months I researched designer wallets, I was determined to take the plunge and buy an pricey, “grown-up” wallet. Just after seeking and seeking, I decided to get a Louis Vuitton coated canvas wallet due to the durability. When I narrowed it down to LV wallets and started seeking at their alternatives, I realized I had a pouch sitting in my closet that could simply be utilised as a wallet. Yes, it is longer than your standard wallet, but it has a zipper and an interior pocket, which is great sufficient for me! I take away the hand strap mainly because, right after trial and error, it just ended up having caught on as well significantly inside my bag (specially my keys).

Cosmetics Case

The third way I use my pouch is as a cosmetics case. I have come to be definitely into cosmetics more than the final year, especially lipstick. For years I kept my make up routine quite basic, but I’ve begun having a lot more inventive with my appears and experimenting with various shades and brands. In my correct obsessive nature, I ended up acquiring about 15 shades of lipsticks for the duration of Black Friday and am nonetheless having utilised to wearing them. I have a significant cosmetics trunk exactly where I residence all of my makeup, but I carry the fundamentals with me all through the day for touch-ups. The LV Neverfull pouch is a ideal location to place a compact, a chapstick, a handful of shades lipstick, and some gum. If you do not carry as well significantly makeup for the duration of the day you could double up with your cards and your cosmetics, generating a wallet-cosmetics pouch combo. All the things in a single location tends to make it much easier to locate when you are on the go.

How do you use your Neverfull pouches? Are there any strategies and tricks I am not considering of?

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