The Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag Is Just What My Bag Collection Wants

It’s easy to fall into buying the same types of bags, I’ve done it myself. You find a style you like, decide it is ‘so you‘, and then you keep buying the same type of bag. Sure, you end up with a different shapes but overall your bag collection starts to look the same. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing that you know your personal aesthetic, but there’s something to be said about changing things up as well. I’m always looking for something different and right when I saw the Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag, I knew it was just the type of bag that my collection can use.

I love a good shoulder bag, especially one that offers a long shoulder strap. In this case the strap is optional, so you can carry this bag as a clutch as well and I actually think I prefer it that way. The focal point of the bag is the geometric plexi tab closure which gives the bag a very modern finish. Through the plexi tab closure, two leather tabs can be looped to both open and close the bag. I liked playing with the leather straps to sometimes show just one or both (in the colors that I had, the second leather strap was black), though on the runway both straps always showed. The interior of this bag offers just the right amount of space along with one slip pocket.

Overall, this is a really cool bag that I find myself really drawn to. I love the color combos Prada paired together in each (both the blue and pink are the most perfect hues of their respective colors, then again I think Prada makes some of the most gorgeous blue and pink hues). I felt a very South Beach vibe with this bag and the colors I was sent to check out. But mostly, I found this to be the Prada that I know and love: classic with a modern twist. Buy via Prada or black and white version are available at Neiman Marcus for $2,280.