The Mlouye Naomi Shoulder Bag is Pretty, Practical and Budget-Friendly

It’s also currently 40% off at Shopbop!

One of the questions I get asked the most by friends, family and you all is which bags I like that are also budget friendly. The second topic I find myself discussing quite often is fresh bag brands that are currently trending. With new bag brands popping up everyday, it’s hard to keep track, and I often get asked how I keep up with the changing market. Instagram is key in discovering brands/bags that I may not otherwise be aware of, and that’s exactly how I discovered Mlouye. Today I’ve got a look at a bag that checks off all of the above boxes. Mlouye is not only fresh and a bit under-the-radar, but the price point is incredibly accessible. The Mlouye Naomi Shoulder Bag first caught my eye because the shape is reminiscent of the Loewe Puzzle Bag, but seeing the bag in person allowed me to appreciate the bag on its own as well.

The Mlouye Naomi Shoulder Bag is crafted of leather but also has a contrasting suede panel on the front of the bag. Ostrich-embossed leather accents adorn the side of the bag, which makes for a cool, but not over the top, pop of texture. Though the bag is structured, its not overly stiff and the leather does have a smooth feel to it, which is great for a bag that clocks in under $500! The bag is a pretty decent size as well, and considering that most bags are on the mini size a trendy, contemporary find that will actually fit a larger sized smartphone is refreshing. The interior is divided into two compartments: a larger compartment with a back zippered pocket and a pocket with less depth in the front.

When choosing a bag in the under $500 category, quality is certainly key, especially if you also tend to purchase premium designer bags. While the craftsmanship of this bag isn’t comparable to bags in the $1.5K and up range, it’s a great choice for the price. An adjustable, but also totally optional, strap allows the bag to be worn on the shoulder or cross body, putting function at the forefront of the design perks as well. I adored the bag held via the contrasting blue top handle and it was lightweight enough to carry it that way too. The design is an easy to wear, pretty pick to add to your rotation whether you typically purchase premium designer or not. The design is more on the minimal side as well, and if you’re over the logo love than you’ll really appreciate this sleek silhouette. Overall dimensions of the Mlouye Naomi Shoulder Bag are 6.25″ L x 9″ W x 4.25″ D. Though the bag retails for $480, it’s currently on sale thanks to Shopbop’s surprise sale for $336.

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