The Clash of the “C” Bags…Chloé vs. Céline

Strikingly similar yet drastically different…how the “C” bags compare to each other

When a new creative director takes the helm of a luxury brand, I always brace myself for the inevitable change to come. When I love a collection, I become guilty of forming a personal attachment to the brand’s creative director and aesthetic. I always realize how resistant I am to change when a new creative director takes control (anyone else?). Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think that change is a good and necessary thing, and sometimes I welcome it with arms wide open, but it can take me a while to warm up when I have loved a previous creative director’s vision. What can I say? I’m working on it.

When Natacha Ramsay-Levi was appointed the new creative director at Chloé a few years ago, she took her time and waited a few seasons before placing her personal stamp on the brand. I for one was thankful for her slower pace, especially since I’m still not ready to hang up my Faye bag from the days of Clare Waight Keller just yet. So when Ramsay-Levi dropped the Chloé C bag, I was ready and waiting for this fresh design from Chloé. Right on trend with a large C logo featured front and center, I was instantly smitten with the Chloé C bag (and developed a serious designer crush on Ramsay-Levi as a result). She has skillfully mastered the art of straddling the line of making her mark and overhauling the brand drastically—a fine balance to strike for a new creative director.


Hedi Slimane took an entirely different approach than Ramsay-Levi when he was appointed creative director at Céline, changing the aesthetic of the beloved brand almost instantaneously. Breaking hearts and shocking Céline lovers worldwide, Slimane’s reception has been chilly at best among fashion lovers and within the PurseBlog community. While I certainly miss Slimane’s predecessor, Phoebe Philo, I must admit that I am intrigued by some of Céline’s newer bags from this era. Dare I say it? I even like some of them. The bag that catches my eye most from the bunch has got to be the Céline Medium C Bag.

I can only explain it as a freak coincidence that both Chloé and Céline released C logo bags with such striking similarities around the same time, but it definitely threw me for a loop. I loved both bags from the onset, but was troubled by how similar they were. After taking a deeper look, I’ve realized that while they are similar in many ways, they are distinctly different from each other. For a while I was forgetting which brand had released which C bag, mixing them up interchangeably (terrible, I know!), but they’re so similar! After taking a keen interest in the logo trend, I’ve looked at the C bag from both brands ad nauseum, and I’m here to break down a few key differences between both bags.


Chloé’s C bag comes in a variety of styles and sizes, providing shoppers with a huge selection of C bag designs to choose from. You can find Chloe’s C bag in the form of a mini bag, a shoulder bag, a clutch on a chain, a belt bag, and a crossbody. Chloé definitely knocks it out of the park with fun hues—they have an entire rainbow of colors to choose from. I seriously love all the options offered in Chloé’s C bag, and I am currently eyeing a mini C bag in a jewel tone. The C logo is noticeably larger and more prominent on Chloé’s C bag when compared to Céline’s.

Chloé Mini C Bag

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Céline’s C bag is designed with a beautiful flap and metallic C closure, and comes in two sizes, medium and small. I love how secure your belongings will be in this bag, and I’m a sucker for an angled front flap—it really elevates a handbag’s look. This handbag is adorned with elegant gold hardware and a timeless chain shoulder strap. The small and medium sizes can each be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody, depending on your personal preference! The C bag is offered in quilted leather, but for reasons that I cannot put my finger on, I do not enjoy the look of Celine’s quilting. The C bag also comes in a variety of exotic skins (if you’re willing to pay the hefty price tag!).



It’s important to note that the Céline C bag is significantly more expensive than Chloé’s C bag. The Céline medium size C bag (8’’ x 7’’ x 3’’) in calfskin leather costs $3,300. The smaller version is priced at $2,800 and measures slightly smaller, with dimensions of 7’’ x 6’’ x 3’’. Chloé’s C bag in the “double carry” size, which is comparable to the medium Céline with dimensions of 9’’ x 6’’ x 2.5’’, costs $1,850 for the calfskin and suede version. The mini version of the C bag (6.3’’ x 5.1’’ x 2’’) will set you back $1,450. Of course if you choose to venture into the exotics, prepare to delve deeper into your pockets (the crocodile C bag from Céline costs just shy of $25,000 USD!).

Céline Medium C Bag

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While I don’t own either bag (yet), I definitely feel that the Céline has the potential to be a classic, especially when comparing against Chloé’s C bag. While I love the look of the Chloé bag right now, I can see the larger C logo looking dated eventually. It’s perfectly on trend at the moment, but the Céline is set to stand the test of time with the smaller logo. If you are someone who only buys classics, I would pick the Céline. Since I am not one to exclusively follow the trends, I think the Chloé C bag is the one for me. I am obsessed with the oversized logo, which is inspired by jewelry. I also am living for all of the bright colors and various sizes that the C bag comes in. As I mentioned, I am eyeing a mini at the moment, preferably in a bright color! Who knows, maybe this will be my next acquisition.

Do you have a stance in the battle of the C bags or are you feeling neutral? I’d love to hear what you think!