The Chanel Robot Minaudiere Costs as Much as a Robot

But can this robot do chores for you like Rosie from Meet the Jetsons?

Chanel is having a moment right now in the handbag world. The brand recently launched the Chanel Gabrielle Bag and the bag presents a major push for the brand. Will it become the next craze like the Boy Bag? That is yet to be determined, but Chanel sure hopes so.

Still, there are plenty of other bags to check out right now from Chanel Spring 2017. For a majority of seasons, Chanel usually adds a really quirky novelty clutch to the show’s lineup that plays a bit of fun on the collection’s theme (here’s a look at Chanel Novelty Bags over the years). As Spring 2017 was about the Chanel data center, the resulting novelty bag that was carried down the runway was a robot.

The Chanel Robot Minaudiere is that quirky number we’ve come to expect from Karl Lagerfeld. The bag isn’t really meant to be super functional, but more of a collector’s item. If I had all kinds of discretionary income laying around, I’d love an entire Chanel novelty bag closet with this little dude included. But that’s certainly not the case, especially not for $15,500.

That’s right, this little guy will set you back $15,500.

I mean that’s college tuition for many schools for more than just one year. Then again, loving designer bags isn’t about practicality and logic and that’s precisely why I adore this little guy so much.