Should I Impulse Buy the Fendi Pearl Bag?

Let’s investigate…

A couple months ago, I shared my budding love for all things Fendi. From the Spy Bag to the Baguette (aka the it-bag that made waves in the ’90s and is now in the midst of a major comeback), Fendi has had almost a century of record success in the fashion world – so it’s no wonder that I’ve gained a serious appreciation for the Italian luxury designer.

Right now, I’m the proud owner of three Fendi bags. Two were brand-new purchases (a Petite 2Jours and a Camera Case) and the third was a black Medium 2Jours that I scored for just under $1,000 on TheRealReal. All three are soft calfskin (risky, I know!), and though I was worried the leather would scratch, I can happily report they are still in immaculate condition.

I also discussed my recent obsession with pearl-studded bags. I know you don’t all agree, but I think there’s something so classic about a handbag adorned with pearls. They’re chic and clean, and have the ability to instantly elevate an outfit.

This brings me to my real dilemma: I *love* Fendi and I *love* pearls, and it just so happens that Fendi released a Kan I Small Leather Shoulder Bag with pearl accents. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. One quick look and I was head over heels. It’s been weeks since I first came across the bag and I still can’t get it out of my head. Love at first sight? Yep, I’m officially a believer.

I’ve actually been eyeing the Kan I collection for quite some time. The bags seem pretty practical: Each one includes a sliding chain-and-leather shoulder strap, as well as a push-top closure, an exterior flap pocket at the back, and a divided interior. The signature scalloped edges add a nice touch, and in this case, the pearlescent studs take it to the next level. I know it’s soft calfskin leather, but like I mentioned before, I haven’t had any issue with Fendi’s leather (yet) and hopefully it stays that way.

Depending where you look, the Kan I Small Pearly-Studded Leather Shoulder Bag is priced at $2,300 on Bergdorf Goodman or $2,490 on Neiman Marcus. I’m not sure why there’s a discrepancy, but I’ll worry about that if I actually decide to purchase it. Right now, it’s nowhere to be found on the actual Fendi website, and I haven’t tried checking in-store.

I’m not one to impulse buy bags. In fact, I’ve spoken at length about my view on bag funds. (Yes, I have one.) I don’t have enough specifically in my bag fund to purchase the Fendi right now, even though I have enough saved to pay off the bag immediately (from other accounts) after a hypothetical purchase.

I guess I could wait until I have enough in my fund, but I’m not sure how long this bag will last. Right now, I can only find it online on Bergdorf and Neiman. Both sites say “limited quantity” too. Regardless of how truthful that is, I just have a feeling it won’t stick around too long.

What do you think? Would you make an exception and purchase it? Is it even considered an impulse buy now that I’ve thought about it for what feels like an eternity? Have you experienced something similar? And if so, what happened? Please tell me you bought the bag and never looked back!