Real Talk: Stop Putting Your Bag on the Floor

A bag hook is the perfect solution to this first-world problem…

As a bag lover, I have been known to exhibit what some people may consider to be obsessive handbag behavior. I take pride in caring for my bags and will spare no social norm expense to ensure they are well maintained and safe from harm’s way. My number one rule to keep my bags in the best condition possible while still using them regularly? Never putting them on the ground. Worn and damaged handbag corners are my biggest handbag pet peeve, so to prevent corner rubbing I make it a habit to avoid placing my bag on the floor like the plague. I won’t let my bag touch the ground of a restaurant, store, the office, or even my own home. They say it’s bad luck to place your bag on the ground, and while I’m not especially superstitious, who am I to dispute the age old saying?


I avoid placing my bags on the ground to prevent damage, but I also do it for hygiene purposes. Years ago I read a tip on the PurseForum from a member who hung her bags around her neck when she was caught without a hook when she needed one, and not only have I adopted her method but have named her my own personal patron saint.That has been an invaluable life hack for me, and now I am passing her words of wisdom onto you in hopes that it will help you as much as it did me. I cringe when I see someone toss their bag on the ground, and I want to keel over at the mere thought of putting my bag on the floor of a public restroom, which unfortunately is a sight I see way too often. Yes, I fully acknowledge that I am a little extra when it comes to babying my bags, but I draw the line at public restroom floors—I’m not being obsessive, that is straight up not okay.

For me, dining out with my bag always poses the biggest problem. Are you someone who requests to sit in a booth or feels internally satisfied when you’re a party of two seated at a table set for four, just so you can have a special place for your bag? Me too, you’re not alone! When I don’t have a special seat for my handbag, I’ve been known to place my bag behind me in my chair, and then sit myself on the very edge of the seat to prevent my bag from going on the floor. I’m often asked why I don’t hang my bag from the back of my chair rather than sit at the literal edge of my seat for an entire meal, but there’s just no way I would ever hang my bag from the back of my chair. Not only am I worried about theft, but I once had a horrendous experience when a server dropped a fork covered in marinara sauce on my white dress (and yes, it stained). That’s not a risk I’m willing to take when it comes to my bags, and the thought of a marinara stain on my delicate vachetta or one of my precious suede bags is enough to make my blood run cold.


If this resonates with you in any way, you seriously need to get yourself a purse hook. I’m always surprised by how few purse hooks I see when I’m out in the wild. They’re inexpensive, compact enough to carry everywhere, and so useful. These handy little hooks have saved me time and time again! With a hook, I am able to safely secure my bags under the table, free from the germ cesspools and spilled food or beverages. I purchased mine in the gift shop at the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, but of course you can get one on Amazon for a few bucks. What are you waiting for?