Pursesonals: Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag

The bag I was scared to own but have grown to love

Last year for Christmas I received the perfect present from my husband, a Chloé Faye shoulder bag (I may or may not have dropped some major hints). I had been itching to own a Faye bag since Megs first covered it in the spring of 2015, but I was always scared of the suede flap. The Faye does come in a calfskin flap version, but I have always been drawn to the contrast of the suede flap against the calfskin body and the texture it gives the design. When the Faye finally became mine last December, I was equally over the moon with joy and terrified to take it outside of its dust bag. It has become one of my favorite bags in my collection but also one of my least used. I was scared to use it in winter because of snow, in spring and summer I was scared of rain, but now that fall has arrived I have used this beauty more than ever. After using it a solid amount this fall, I finally feel as though I can give a proper review.


Aesthetics are the most important factor in a bag when I am deciding to make a big purchase. Before I take the plunge, I have to assess if a bag matches my personal style and suits my lifestyle, which I believe the Faye does. The Chloé Faye is beautiful and unique in design, and I love it because I like to wear designs that stand out from the crowd. The Faye bag has taken the world by storm and has become one of the most recognizable bags on the market, but the design remains unique to Chloé as a brand.

Not only does this bag strike the balance between luxurious and bohemian, but it matches just about any outfit in my wardrobe. I opted for the “motty grey” color, which is one of the most versatile handbag hues in my collection. I love to wear mine with patterns or solid colors, and as you can see, I recently paired it with a black blouse, jeans, and black booties. I find that wearing it with a monotone outfit allows the bag to pop.

The calfskin and suede complement each other perfectly, but the real stand out of the Faye bag is the gorgeous two-toned hardware. The signature ring hardware is a pale gold color, and the chain strap detail is a silver finish. I am obsessed with mixed metal (my wedding ring set is mixed metal), so this is one of my favorite features of the bag. The interior of the bag is comprised of two large pockets, which is what creates the beautiful pleated “accordion” effect. I love this detail as well; it really draws your eye into the bag.

Usability + Functionality

I own the shoulder bag version, but the Faye design is available in multiple styles. I opted for the suede flap over the calfskin leather body of the bag, and while it is a beautiful combination, it is very delicate. Truthfully, I am constantly fearful of spilling on this bag. I went out for dinner after taking these photos and struggled to find a spot for my Faye without fear of staining the suede.

Due to the fragile nature of this bag, I simply cannot rate it very high in functionality, despite my love for it. However, as mentioned earlier, there are non-suede versions available if you aren’t a suede fan, so don’t rule the Faye out based on that design feature alone.

The thing I like most about the usability of this bag is the adjustable drop shoulder strap (I am 5’3 for reference). The dimensions of the bag are as follows:

– Width: 12.6″ / 32 cm
– Height: 10″ / 26 cm
– Depth: 1.6″ / 4 cm
– Minimum strap length: 14.2″ / 36 cm
– Maximum strap length: 17.7″ / 45 cm

Because the bag has a long strap, I can wear it with nearly any outfit, including thick coats now that we are moving into colder weather. The only issue I have run into is that I love to wear bags on my shoulder and on the crook of my arm, and it looks and feels awkward to wear the Faye on the crook of my arm, so it is exclusively a shoulder bag for me (although Chloé also markets it as an oversized clutch). I’m happy to report that despite the large hardware and leather interior lining, this bag is lightweight and comfortable to wear on the shoulder for long periods of time.

I enjoy the strap length of the Faye, but I continue to struggle with the functionality of my Faye bag. I carry a lot with me and have found the shape of my Faye becomes warped when I put all of my belongings inside. Because the interior of the bag is two large pockets, it would be easier to have one large compartment rather than two compartments, but I love the accordion effect that the two compartments create. For that reason, I wouldn’t change the design in any way, it just means I have to downsize what I carry when I wear my Faye.

Quality + Construction

The quality of my Faye has exceeded my expectations. This was my first Chloé bag, and it did not disappoint. The materials are very high quality, and the leather is buttery and smooth to the touch. The hardware is gorgeous and has a weight to it (in a good way, if that makes sense) and the stitching is immaculate.

This was my first suede handbag, and I have to say that Chloé has set the bar especially high for suede. It is extremely soft and beautiful, despite my fear of damaging it. The raw edges of the handbag are hand-painted with sealant, which is a high-end touch that Chloé brings to its designs.

Price + Value

The shoulder bag Faye retails for $1,950, which for a premier designer bag is extremely reasonable these days. Many bags on the market of this size are retailing for double the cost of the Faye, so ringing in at under $2,000 seems like a win.

Full disclosure, my husband purchased my Faye pre-loved off Fashionphile, so we did not pay full price. However, after owning my bag for almost a year, I can confidently say that I feel as though it’s worth the full retail price of $1,950. It is very well made and can be worn for many occasions, whether it be a night out, to run errands, go to brunch, or as your day-to-day bag.

Staying Power

I adore my Faye but I do think this bag is a very popular bag at the moment. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t know that it has the longevity and staying power to be popular for the long haul. Luckily if you are looking to buy a classic “forever” bag, the Faye is devoid of any flashy logos, so you could wear it for years.

In my opinion, the Faye is certainly an “it bag” at the moment, or at least a 2019 iteration of an “it bag”. The Faye has been around for nearly half a decade and still extremely popular, so perhaps this little bag will prove me wrong and become a new classic. I wasn’t concerned about staying power when I made the decision to get this bag. I just wanted a Faye in my collection.

Overall Rating

I truly love my Faye bag and consider it one of my favorite bags in my collection. It elevates any ensemble and makes me feel happy and confident when I wear it. I recently wore my Faye with leggings and a tee-shirt to the grocery store and got not one, but two, compliments on my bag. I have no hesitation in recommending it, especially for the price point. Yes, it’s very expensive, but it is much less expensive for a bag of that size from other competing brands. That being said, I do think the Faye is a bit trendy and is extremely delicate (if you opt for the suede detail), so I will knock off a star for those reasons.

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