#purseblogWIMB: We Want to Feature You, Show Us What’s in Your Bag

We’ve gotten a bit behind on our What’s in Her Bag posts, but I’m hoping to get that kicked off again soon because I know you all love it so much. In the meantime, we’ve been sharing more of the best bags from Instagram, and that got me thinkingL I want to be able to learn more about you and the bags you carry. We used to showcase these What’s In My Bag roundups with a different hashtag, but it seems that hashtag was being used for other random events since then, so we wanted to make it more specific. Also, it can’t be construed as a shorthand for peanutbutterWIMB any longer. (Maybe it’s just me that always equates PB with peanut butter?)

I know many of you follow us on Instagram already, but if you don’t, be sure to follow us @purseblog. We want to feature the bags you carry and what you keep inside. Be creative with your images, take pretty pics, see what other pursebloggers are carrying and hiding inside of their bags! Tag any of your images on Instagram with the hashtag #purseblogWIMB for a chance to be featured on PurseBlog.

These features will be more in-depth than simply having your pic included in a roundup: we want to do posts featuring one person at a time. If we select you, we’ll reach out to have you answer a few questions, and we’ll share some photos of your bag and what you keep inside!

Be sure to upload your picture of your bag and what you’re carrying to Instagram using the hashtag #purseblogWIMB for a chance to be featured!! See you all on the ‘gram.