PurseBlog Asks: You Have $3,000 – What Bag Would You Buy?

My bag spending has changed drastically since I became pregnant and having Millie. Don’t get me wrong–I still lust after bags non-stop, but my extra spending money has moved from bags and fashion to all things baby. On top of that, I’ve started to look more at small, compact bags I can carry along with Millie’s bag of tricks and necessities, rather than a larger everyday bag for personal use.

I was thinking about this the other day and wondered what bag I’d buy if I had money to spend on a bag right now. With most designer bag prices easily topping $2,000 right now, I set my imaginary limit at $3,000. It’s always fun to play with imaginary money when your friends are involved, so I wanted to turn to you to see what bag you would buy with $3,000?

Attach an image or link so I can check out all of your bag wants and desires! And yes, of course I’d love to have more to special order an Hermès Kelly, but I figured $3,000 was a bit more reasonable…then again, when you’re talking imaginary money, does it even matter? Share your thoughts in the comments below!