PurseBlog Asks: Would You Ever Split Custody of a Bag With a Friend?

Can two people ever own one bag?

Back in college when I was a student studying the business of fashion, I took a summer course which allowed me to study abroad throughout Europe. I visited London, Paris, and Florence and I look back at that time in my life with the fondest of memories. I made some amazing friends and though we bonded over fashion and our love of bags—surprise, surprise—we soon discovered that the bonds we shared ran much deeper, and we knew we would all be friends for life.

In the six months prior to my departure on a European adventure I saved every penny I made that semester because I knew I wanted to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag. At just 20-years old, Louis Vuitton was still one of my favorite bag brands, and it was one of the more affordable options for me as well. Of course I dreamed of snagging a Chanel bag in Paris—what purse-loving girl wouldn’t—but, I knew it financially wasn’t going to happen. My friends and I reveled in the moment of walking out of Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysées with our brand new bags in tow.

Later that night at dinner we were giddy with joy, a little drunk on both the Parisian wine and the high of our purchases. We talked about graduating college, our future careers and the Chanel bags that we would finally be able to afford with a real adult job and a big-girl salary. Until then, we counted the ways that it would be possible to own an incredibly pricey Chanel flap bag on a college kids budget. Two of my friends brought up the idea of splitting the bag and sharing it, with each girl getting it for a few months at a time, special occasions such as weddings or birthdays taken into account. The conversation wasn’t very serious, and I never thought much about it until years down the line, but recently I asked my best friend, who also happens to be my roommate if we should split the cost of something. We share a closet and a lot of our accessories as it is, and it really really got me thinking if such an idea could actually, truly work.

Would you ever split the cost of a bag and share it with a friend or a family member?