PurseBlog Asks: Which Bag is the Favorite in Your Collection?

We’re asking the toughest question for every purse lover…

If you’re anything like me, you are very passionate about your purse collection. Sure, I love to talk bags of all shapes, sizes, and brands, but I have a special place in my heart for the bags in my collection…my trusted inner circle, if you will. All of my bags are like trophies in my wardrobe, with different meaning and special memories associated with each of them. I’m super sentimental, so I always remember how I acquired a bag, whether I bought it on a trip, received it as a gift from a loved one on a special occasion, or treated myself to celebrate an accomplishment (I’m a big proponent of buying a bag for celebratory occasions!). Recently an acquaintance of mine found out what a bag addict I am and we got to chatting about our favorite brands and the bags we have in our current collections. The conversation took an unexpected turn when she asked me a question I wasn’t at all prepared to answer, yet in retrospect I should have been: “What is your favorite bag in your collection?”.

For as much time as I spend thinking about bags, one would think that I would have a prepared, go-to answer, but the question dumbfounded me, and what can I say? I was caught off guard. With upwards of 25 bags in my current collection (and a special one on the way…oops), it’s nearly impossible to whittle down the list to just one favorite. I love all of my bags for different reasons, which is wildly clichéd, but true. My favorite bag of the moment is always dependent on my mood, because my favorite bags in my collection are ever changing. My favorite bag one day will never remain that way forever, I change my mind way too often to have one consistent favorite. That being said, I do tend to favor each of my bags for certain periods of time, but then I will rotate them eventually. I can be very neglectful of switching out my bags, so I’m often using the same bag on repeat for a week or two at a time. I’m trying to be better about it and switch them more often, especially because I own so many wonderful bags that deserve to be worn. Lately I have been favoring my Chloé Faye in motty grey. I keep reaching for it time and time again, so after careful consideration, I declare it my favorite bag at the moment.


One thing I have realized from this reflection is that I spend so much time thinking about what to buy next that I forget to appreciate what I am fortune enough to already own. Do you ever spend so much time and energy thinking and plotting about what you want to buy next that you overlook what is already in your closet, just waiting to be taken out and worn? I am trying to practice mindfulness and be thankful for what I already own, although as I track a UPS shipment with a super exciting bag en route to me, I might not be doing so great of a job yet! The saying “old habits die hard” rings especially true for me and my purse habits.

I’m curious to know, which bag in your collection is your favorite? Do you have one?