PurseBlog Asks: Which Bag Are You Excited to Take Out Again This Spring?

Can you believe it’s really April already?

Though I’m currently sitting inside my favorite coffee shop with my hands wrapped around a pipping hot cup of tea in between every sentence I type, it’s true that spring is officially here. It doesn’t feel like it just yet, and despite the fact that the sun is shining bright today, the temperature is only in the 40s and I am cold! The chill is bound to break soon and when it does I’ll have my spring bags ready to go.

Last weekend I did some spring cleaning. I took a bag of clothes to a consignment shop and organized what was remaining in my closet. I shifted around the purses in my bag bin a bit to make certain bags more accessible as the temps warm up. Though I don’t really label bags “winter bags” or “spring bags” I typically don’t reach for my bags that are lighter in color in the fall and winter months. Likely that’s because they don’t particularity go with what I’m wearing. And while I did wear my white Chloé Drew Bag a couple of times this winter (winter white, duh!) I haven’t used my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Azur since last August. I’m anxious to take her for a spin soon, and though I know there are people that use the Damier Azur print year round, sometimes I find that giving your bags a bit of a break makes you appreciate them that much more. I’m genuinely excited to break out my Speedy again, and put my Chloé back into regular rotation.

Which bags are you looking forward to giving some love to again?