PurseBlog Asks: When Is It Time to Part with a Bag?

No one ever said it would be this hard… It’s such a shame for us to part…

As I write this, I’m currently sitting at the kitchen table inside my new apartment. I officially moved in this past weekend, and it’s a pretty big deal considering I’ve never lived by myself or had my own “home.” I’m not too far away from my family and friends, but I’m loving the newfound independence. While it’s somewhat daunting to think about all of the responsibilities that come with keeping up an apartment (or a household in general), it’s exciting to know I can wholly rely on myself.

On a less serious note, I came to another not-so-surprising revelation during my move-in: I have too many bags. Before you roll your eyes, they’re not all high-end designer. Many of them are contemporary, and then there are others where I can’t confidently tell you where they came from. All I know is they are in my closet (or in this case, moving boxes) and taking up valuable space. The tough part is they all represent a special meaning or memory, and I find myself struggling with giving them away or attempting to sell them. Has that ever happened to you?


You should know that as I packed up all of my stuff, including my handbag collection, from my mother’s house, I ignored the obvious. It was easier to throw everything into boxes instead of carefully going through each item and deciding if it was worthy of a spot inside my apartment, which, naturally, is significantly smaller than my childhood home.

Now I find myself surrounded by millennial pink plastic boxes, completely overwhelmed with the amount of clothes and bags I own. I haven’t gone through my belongings in so long, and this move is forcing me take a hard look at what I have, what I should keep, and what I should donate. Yes, there’s definitely some Marie Kondo happening over here.

The problem is: So many of my bags bring me joy… not because I wear them all the time, but more so because just glancing at them brings me back to a particular place or time in my life. But ultimately, how much joy will they really bring me if they’re locked away in storage boxes?


That brings me to my real question: When is it time to part with a bag? Should it be based on how much wear you currently get out of it? Or should it be determined by the bag’s meaning to you? Then there’s the argument of whether or not said bag will potentially make a comeback, like the Fendi Baguette (aka the it-bag that made waves in the ’90s and is now in the midst of a major resurgence). Yep, imagine having one, selling it, and lusting after a new one all over again, only to find yourself wishing you would have kept the original in the first place.

Maybe the answer is when it comes to high-end designers (Prada, Fendi, LV, Chanel, etc.), it’s best to keep the bag. Unless for some reason you dislike said bag and wish you never purchased it, in which case resale or consign all the way! And unless a contemporary bag holds an exceptional meaning or is insanely practical and cute, maybe it’s okay to let go? Someone help!

P.S. The subhead of this article is totally a Coldplay reference. If you already knew that, consider us BFFs.