PurseBlog Asks: If You Had to Carry One Bag for the Rest of Your Life What Would it Be?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

I can’t believe that I’ve been curating my bag collection for over 14 years! At 28 years old that’s half of my life. Though I consider my first big bag to be my Louis Vuitton Speedy as it was the first bag I received as a young adult, my first premier designer bag was really my mini Dior Saddle Bag. I was only a kid in a middle school when I decided that I must have that bag, and I saved up every penny of my babysitting money and my small allowance to be able to buy it for myself. It’s crazy to think of how my bag collection has grown since then. I have about 20 bags now, a good mix of designer and contemporary. I’ve sold off 3 bags that I didn’t use but other than that I find it really, really hard to part with any of my bags. My mini Dior Saddle bag is the perfect example of why I never want to part with a bag! Until this year, it had been ten years since I last carried that bag at my Senior Prom, yet something inside me would not let her go. Boy am I glad I didn’t!

Though I used my little Dior bag just yesterday, it sat collecting dust in my closet for ten whole years, which got me thinking. What bag out of my current collection would I keep to carry for the rest of my life if I could only have just one? I love all of my bags so the choice is tough, but currently, the only bag in my closet that is and has remained a classic is my Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25. Last week I dug deep into my bag bin to take her out for a whirl alongside my new leopard dress and tan teddy coat. I really adored the outfit overall and it made me miss the days when I would carry that bag everyday! I hadn’t used it in probably over a year, and I resolved to carry it more this year. It’s a true classic and at ten years old I guess it’s considered vintage at this point? I’m confident in saying that I would be comfortable carrying that bag everyday for the rest of my bag-loving years if I had to, though I will say I’m glad I don’t actually have to pick just ONE! If you had to pick one bag in your current collection to be your one and only for life, which one would you pick?