PurseBlog Asks: How Do You Decide When to Part Ways With Your Bags?

I’ve got the urge to purge but I am super indecisive…

I have packed up and moved nearly every single year over the last decade. Because of how frequently I move, I am no stranger to purging my wardrobe. When I’m preparing to pack up the contents of my four walls, I always sort through my closet before packing up any of my boxes. I go through my clothing, shoes, and handbags, ultimately deciding which items I will sell or donate during the process. Last week while assessing my current wardrobe situation (because yes, I am moving yet again), I realized I have acquired quite a few new handbags this year. In fact, there are more handbags in my collection than ever before. I’m a big fan of selling my bags to fund new acquisitions or if they’re not being used frequently enough, but to be honest, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve sold any of my bags…two years, to be exact (what can I say? I’ve had more space recently).

I don’t necessarily mind having a large collection, in fact, having a closet full of beautiful bags is something I’ve dreamed of for years. Now that my dream is a reality, I’ve learned that there is a downside to owning so many handbags, that downside being that I don’t use a large percentage of the handbags in my collection. Not to mention that when I do use them, it’s not nearly frequently enough, especially when their cost is a factor. I’m a firm believer that bags are meant to be used and loved, I don’t want any of mine gathering a layer of dust in my dark closet, only seeing the light of day once a year. I’ve been trying to exercise mindfulness and make an effort to use all of my handbags on a rotation, but it’s tough to stay consistent with nearly 30+ bags in my closet. It doesn’t help that I have added quite a few new bags into the mix this year, many of which have been on my wishlist for a long time. Because of the growth of my collection, I am looking to purge a bit and sell 3-4 bags this fall (baby steps!). My problem? I love all of my bags. I want to sell a few in the hopes of minimizing my collection, but I’m stuck on which bags to release back into the wild.

This leads me to my question: how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye and part ways with a handbag? Is it that the bag hasn’t been used in 6 months, a year, or more? Is it that the design is out of style or doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore? Maybe you want to sell it to a fund another new shiny bag you need in your life? Or perhaps I am overthinking this and I should just keep my bags until I have a real reason to let them go? I’d love to hear your thought process when you decide that you want to sell a handbag, or alternatively when you know you need to hold onto it.