One of This Year’s Most Sought-After Bags Is Rumored to Return Soon

Will you invest in it?

I cannot think it is only been about two months considering that the initial Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires sighting. With the quantity of press, influencer advertising and marketing, and general recognition, it feels like this tiny bag has been about for years… but it hasn’t. Just let that sink in for a moment. Oh, the energy of social media.

Anyway, as the Multi Pochette Accessoires created a name for itself in the handbag planet, the distinct style became just about not possible to obtain freely, unless you are of influencer or celebrity status. It sold out practically everywhere, like on-line and in just about all boutiques about the planet. Yes, about the planet. I even known as Louis Vuitton corporate to confirm. (The only instance exactly where a bag could be obtainable is if 1 is randomly returned straight to a boutique.)

That is not to say it is not possible to obtain, although. But you have to be prepared to spend way above market place value. Presently, each Multi Pochette colors (Kaki and Rose Clair) are obtainable by means of StockX, an on-line marketplace exactly where customers can invest in, sell, and bid on bags. Take it for what you will, but the web page guarantees the bags are genuine. (Several of them claim the tags are nonetheless on.) Fashionphile also has fairly a couple of obtainable, priced at almost double what Louis Vuitton initially sold the bag for ($1,640).

We do have some ~semi~ great news, although. The bag is rumored to return any minute now. Nicely, sort of. This previous week, I known as and/or visited all of the nearby Louis Vuitton boutiques in my region (Miami, Florida). I added my name to every single waitlist (There are hundreds of names just before mine although. Sigh.) and inquired about the bag’s lengthy-awaited return. Although no SA could give me a definitive answer, they all mentioned about the identical point: It must come back, in some sort of capacity, just before or suitable immediately after the new year. It is not however identified how restricted stocks will be when the bag does return, provided there are thousands of names on waitlists about the planet.

Sometime in the future, Louis Vuitton corporate alleges the bag will come to be portion of the designer’s permanent collection. In truth, I spoke with an SA by the name of Justin H. (he wouldn’t provide his final name) who was relatively confident the bag will return sooner rather than later. Having said that, he did mention there’s no telling how complicated it will be to obtain the bag when it does return. (Feel the availability of the LV Speedy versus a Birkin or Kelly. Yes, that is how well-liked this bag is.)

Right here at PurseBlog, Kaitlin and I are each eager to obtain 1 of our personal. Fortunately, she’s in the market place for the Kaki version, when I’m interested in the Rose Clair. When the bag does return, extra colors are anticipated to come to be obtainable as nicely.

The query is, what if the bag never ever completely returns? Would you spend severely above market place just to get oneself 1? If you believe about it, it is the equivalent of buying two (possibly 3, if you count the coin case) bags for 1, along with the crossbody strap. But is it worth $three,000 and up? Provided the expense of each and every piece that make up the Multi Pochette Accessoires, I would have to say no… even although I genuinely do really like the general appear of it.

Although this bag style is certainly not for everybody, it is clearly a good results so far, with a vibrant future ahead as 1 of Louis Vuitton’s newest “it” pieces.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires ($1,640)