One Bag, Three Ways! How I Styled My Saint Laurent Envelope Bag

It’s easily one of the most versatile bags in my collection.

When I buy a bag, one of the biggest factors I take into consideration before taking the plunge is versatility. I want to know that I can wear my bag in multiple scenarios and that I can carry it nearly anywhere I go. Being able to dress a bag up or down has become a necessity for my bag purchases, and if I can’t wear a bag on different occasions, the likelihood is that I am not going to buy it.

Earlier this year I purchased a large Saint Laurent Envelope bag, which has subsequently become one of my favorite bags in my collection. I’ve downsized quite a bit of what I carry around on a day-to-day basis and the Envelope bag is the culprit of why I have taken a break from my beloved totes. I’ve raved about this bag before and have shown how I’ve styled it, but I have been carrying it nonstop recently and have realized just how much it goes with everything (including leggings!).

The Office

My office is business casual, which I am thankful for because I am not very formal. I paired my Envelope bag with a leopard print turtleneck under a black swing dress. It has gotten very cold in the DC area, so tights were a necessity. I opted to pair this outfit with a pair of black booties, but a pair of flats or knee-high boots would have worked as well.

Date Night

My husband and I are homebodies for the most part, but we love a good date night. We wanted to try a new restaurant in town, and my Saint Laurent Envelope bag was my bag of choice. I kept it casual in a pair of jeans, black booties, and a cheetah blouse. I also paired the look with my favorite red coat for a pop of color. The tan color of my Saint Laurent has me wanting to wear it with cheetah all day, every day.


I am not shy about the fact that I wish I could live in leggings and I wear them whenever possible. Last weekend was the opportune time because I was going on a mini road trip to get to a friend’s wedding. For the car ride, I kept it super casual in black leggings, Vans sneakers, a tank top and a camouflage jacket. I knew I wanted to wear a bag to elevate the look and the Saint Laurent Envelope definitely fit the bill. Even though the only people who saw me wear this were my husband and the people checking me into the hotel, I felt happy about being comfortable and having my beloved bag by my side. It’s a good reminder for me that a bag can make me feel dressed up, even in leggings.

I love my Saint Laurent Envelope bag so much and cannot recommend it more! Do you have a bag that you just can’t stop wearing on repeat?

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