Love It or Leave It: The Louis Vuitton Grenelle PM

Got logo like?

I know I’m not the only 1 who appears back on what they wore in the previous and cringes a small bit. There are numerous outfits that I want I under no circumstances donned. Primarily wearing as well tight sweatpants that had been so super low-rise I had to be cautious not to have a wardrobe malfunction when I bent more than if you catch my drift. Not to mention all eyes would have been on my derriere due to the fact it had ‘JUICY’ written across it. I’m at the moment cringing, but I digress. Even so when I got to college my style changed significantly. It was the Gossip Girl age and I generally wore sleek dresses, ballet flats and of course, headbands. All round my style was ladylike and classic, and although it is extremely distinct than how I dress now (I like to consider my style is way cooler) there was nothing at all inherently incorrect with it. I can not really knock my college outfits like I can my higher college ones.

One particular issue that is absolutely changed in addition to my all round style is the style of bags that I carry. They are way much more versatile and most are quite casual. They match my vibe, which is wonderful, but occasionally I locate myself struggling to choose out a bag to carry to dressier events like bridal or infant showers and good dinners out. When in a blue moon I do not want to carry a bag that tends to make an simple transition. I want a bag that appears effortlessly chic and fancy on its personal rather than playing off of the outfit I’m wearing. Confident my Gucci Marmont appears wonderful with a dressier outfit, but it also appears quite cool with leggings and converse. I would like to add a bag to my collection that is a bit much more unique, and 1 that would appear silly alongside my exercise garments. Enter: the Louis Vuitton Grenelle PM.

At Initially glance I wasn’t certain about this bag. The shape of it is inarguably classic, and I like that it is produced of grained Epi Leather. I’ve been wanting to add an Epi Leather bag to my collection for sometime now, but at initial I wasn’t certain about the major LV logo. Does a major and bold, in your face logo take away from the sleekness of a bag? I wasn’t certain, and in spite of the reality that I would think about this bag as a excellent choice for what I want it for, I’m nevertheless not totally convinced. I do like that the logo is monochromatic, which tends to make it a tad bit much more understated than if it had been produced of gold or silver hardware. Thoughts PurseBloggers? Appreciate it or Leave it? The the Louis Vuitton Grenelle PM is offered by way of Louis Vuitton for $two,640.