Love Actually: Gucci Monogram

Sweeten the new year with these Iconic G’s!

Writing for PurseBlog is an absolute dream for yours truly, who was once just a rather reclusive reader ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the sight of designer bags. And if you’re like myself, when it comes to luxury purses, I’m sure one of the most prominent images your mind unfailingly conjures are the unmistakeable monograms of the iconic houses. Thanks to extensive branding and in some cases more than a hundred years of tradition, we have come to associate Louis Vuitton with the quintessential diamonds, circles, flowers and the classic interwoven LV initials, and Goyard with its interlocking, chevron Y’s. So naturally my heart skips a beat every time I spy a heavily monogrammed bag.

Even though logos at times have been considered tacky or showy by some, I think all of us have a weak spot for certain designd. Maybe for you it’s Louis Vuitton’s multicolor line, the more under-the-radar Louboutin Loubinthesky, or maybe even Michael Kors’ all-over MK satchels (some of which I actually find quite nice). But one of the most popular logos in luxury fashion is a certain storied Italian design Houses’ interlocking G’s. Yes, I’m talking about Gucci.

For awhile I was into more subtle designs like the Sac de Jour. I presume we all have these phases, however recently while reading The Many Bags of Lucy Hale, I came across a picture of the Gucci GG Supreme Top Handle Boston Bag (similar here) and it struck the logo-loving corner of my heart. Although I’m not a fan of duffle-style bags (I’m more of a tote person really) and I thought I had gotten over the logo-mania, this bag had me hooked.

The Gucci monogram has been an integral part of the brand and was first designed by Aldo Gucci, son of the house’s founder Guccio Gucci, in 1933 to represent his father’s initials. It was officially trademarked in 1955 after Guccio’s death, and it was also at this time that the monogram was modified to make one G the right-side-up and the other up-side-down, creating the iconic motif we know and love today. This logo was used extensively on the brand’s iconic canvas bags, luggage, small leather goods and clothing. It was further popularized by rapper Dapper Dan (who was recently recognized through a collaboration with Gucci), all the way up until 1990 when Tom Ford revitalized the brand. As its Creative Director, Ford introduced a sleeker, more seductive Gucci and a less-is-more allure, which of course meant less monogram too.

In fact it was only in 2015 when Alessandro Michele became the new Creative Director, did the logo return and boy did it return with vengeance! With numerous collections like the Blooms, the Tian, the Ophidia, the Horsebit and most recently, the Lunar New Year Capsule, the Gucci Monogram has won our hearts again.

So why does monogram continue to be relevant? Especially in 2021? Well, as much as we would all like, the pandemic still isn’t over and we need bags that’ll endure the constant stream of sanitizers while looking stylish and remaining versatile. And I’m sure you can imagine by now that Gucci’s Monogram lines tick all of those boxes and more. Made of durable coated canvas that’s waterproof, there are so many options to treat yourself. Whether you’d like a backpack, tote, a Boston bag or crossbody, Gucci has it all. Most of the shapes are also structured enough to make sure they stand on their own, but not so much that they’re boxy or rigid, and the canvas itself is very lightweight too. The accompanying leather trim and handles elevate each silhouette as well. In fact, even though these purses have logos all over them, they’re not at all loud, and depending on your outfit you can either make them appear like a dressy carryall or a screamingly bold evening bag for a masked-date.

Furthermore, Gucci Monogram having been in existence since the 1930s proves its timeless appeal so you can pass your bags on for generations. Not to mention, with the return of logos every few seasons, they’re guaranteed to remain stylish. Staying power is in fact a major determinant when it comes to the luxury pre-owned market and Gucci already has an edge there thanks to its recent partnership with The RealReal. So the next time you buy into Gucci’s logo heritage you also take a step towards sustainability. In fact, the web-accented Gucci Ophidia line actually retains an average resale value of 72% at The RealReal, which along with bags from the Gucci Marmont collection are some of the Florentine house’s best investment bags.

Finally, sometimes you just want to wear something showy, something that makes you feel better just by looking at it, kinda like Anne Hathaway’s musical scene from Modern Love. Gucci Monogram, with its versatile, neutral-hued web and its gorgeous array of complementary colors, as well as its various iterations, is just that. Given the dreary, borderline bipolar year of 2020, a little splash of the iconic GGs is indeed the best antidote for our moods!

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