Louis Vuitton’s New Luggage Gadget Will Let You Track Your Suitcase While Traveling

For a price tag!

I consider we can all agree that losing your luggage is a nightmare. That is possibly even a lot more correct if your luggage is a Louis Vuitton Horizon Suitcase, which begins at $two,800 and only gets a lot more costly from there. This week, Louis Vuitton debuted an add-on gadget that may possibly give wealthy travelers and their fancy luggage a small a lot more peace of thoughts: the Louis Vuitton Echo, which is a tracking bar that fits in a specially developed nook in the Horizon and connects to airports about the planet.

The gadget retails for $370, and for that you get 3 years of service by way of the Sigfox network, which is a worldwide service that connects low-energy devices like place trackers. Not all airports assistance the network, but the quantity that do is expanding, and when your bag arrives at an airport on that list, you will get a notification on the LV Pass app on your smartphone or on your Louis Vuitton smartwatch, if you have a single. The Echo also has a light sensor, so it will inform you if your bag was opened whilst it was away from you. Theoretically, this could perform in any checked bag, not just the Horizon Suitcase.

Regardless of whether it is worth almost $400 to you to study a couple of minutes early irrespective of whether or not the airline lost your bag is possibly dependent on how significantly $400 indicates to you, but the function list appears a small thin for the price tag. Louis Vuitton clearly desires to carve out its niche in the luxury tech marketplace, but if there’s something in your checked bag that you are that worried about, it appears like you should really possibly just toss it in your carry-on.

Verify out the Louis Vuitton Echo for oneself by way of Louis Vuitton.