I’ve Suddenly Decided That I Must Have a Chanel Camera Bag

My case of the shoppies just won’t quit…

I’ve been bitten by a bug that just won’t quit. I’ve got a serious case of the shoppies and I just can’t stop! Last month I finally gave in and snagged the red bag I swore I needed in my life. I typically like to purchase my bags after saving a fair bit and waiting for end of year and beginning of year bumps in my finances like tax returns etc., but I took the plunge and splurged anyway. Since then it seems I just can’t be stopped! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but the e-mails in my inbox remain as I wait for my order confirmation e-mails to be replaced by ‘your order has shipped’ notifications. My wardrobe is expanding, but my closet is not and yet it seems I can’t stop!

If you guys have been reading some of my posts as of late than you know there is one shape that my bag collection currently lacks, and that’s a Camera Bag. Last spring when I got my Gucci Marmont Bag I considered getting the camera bag version, but ultimately I deiced to go for the flap bag. While I love it I sometimes wish I had gotten the other shape I had considered. My roommate has it and we play bag swap often. Until I wore hers I didn’t realize how easy camera bags are to use, and I definitely would love to get one as my next bag buy.

Though my collection is lacking a camera bag I’m not exactly in the market for one, so I haven’t been obsessed with looking at every camera bag available for sale right now, though seeing them is unavoidable just based on the nature of what it is that I do here at PurseBlog. I loved Fendi’s logo version that I spotted a few weeks back and while I thought it was cool, fun and on-trend in this logo-love era we live in I forgot about it just as quickly as I discovered it. The same unfortunately cannot be said for my latest obsession: Chanel’s Quilted Leather Camera Case.

When I spotted this super-classic black camera bag I immediately tried to figure out a way that I could have it. I thought about other bags I could sell, clothes I could consign and I even considered robbing a bank. Just kidding, I’m not that crazy, but when I saw it I thought of everything and anything I could do to make this bag mine . This bag retails for $3,700, which is a steep price to pay. I’ve yet to buy a single bag over the 3K mark, and this bag definitely gives me sticker shock! My two most expensive bags are my Gucci Marmont, which comes in at just under 2K before tax, and my newest bag buy, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano, which comes in just over 2K. I had serious anxiety with the 2K mark, and 3K seems even scarier, not to mention this is almost pushing 4K! Scary or not, for me it’s just not even feasible at this time, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting, and lusting I am—hard!

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