In My Bag: 5 Things 03.08.17

What I carry in my bag now is quite different from what I used to have in my bag before Millie. I owe you a post on what I settled on as my baby bag, which is coming soon, but right now I wanted to share five things that are constantly in my bag at the moment.

I switched out my bag to carry one that doesn’t totally scream “look at me, this is a bag that really is just a baby bag” last week. (I still have a tote with me with every baby essential at all times–usually I leave it in the car.) When I first got this Loewe Puzzle Bag, I was obsessed with it, and I still am. The Puzzle Bag is a fashionista favorite for its unique design, and I opted for the extra zipper detail version of this bag to add an edgy twist. Some say this bag is hard to get in and out of, but I actually like that the opening isn’t massive. As I carry more in my bag, it’s easier for things to fly out unintentionally when I am rifling though it if the opening is big.

This is one of those bags that is entirely different from the rest of my collection, but it fits the part of being able to be carried daily, so I really love that it fills this little spot in my closet. If you love this Loewe bag, buy it via Neiman Marcus for $2,850.

Here are 5 things in my bag I can’t live without right now:

1. ADEN + ANAIS Swaddling Cloths via Nordstrom

We were really big into swaddling Millie when we first brought her home from the hospital. We’ve stopped swaddling her, but I always have a muslin blanket nearby. These are light but provide enough warmth as a blanket, and I cheat and use them for wiping drool and as a changing table cover if necessary, too. They have so many fun patterns, and because the material is lightweight, it doesn’t take up much room in my bag. (The link above is to a Nordstrom exclusive trio pack, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the prints!)

2. Dior Addict Lip Glow via

My lips became extremely dry when I was pregnant, and they still seem to get dryer than they used to. I have at least 3-5 lip glosses in my bag at all times, just floating around, and I’ve really been loving this cult favorite from Dior. It’s easy to see why so many people love it: once you apply it, a shade of pink paints your lips (it looks different on everyone), and it instantly hydrates. I really love this product and find myself grabbing for it throughout the day.

3. Balenciaga Wallet via Net-A-Porter

While I change my bag out often, I do not change my wallet. I’ve used the same Louis Vuitton wallet for over eight years now (it’s actually discontinued now), but I just started using this Balenciaga wallet. I love the color, and the python skin has held up really nicely so far. I can’t find my exact wallet, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

4. That’s It Bars via Amazon

Every time I share what’s in my bag, some sort of snack is included. I’ve found this just as important to have something handy after I had Millie as before she was born. The doctor thinks Millie has a food allergy to something I’m eating (we’re in the middle of figuring this out–I’ll share more when I know more), so I have taken out all major known allergies from my diet. That leaves me with fewer options when it comes to bars and prepped foods, but I discovered these bars, and they only have fruit as their ingredients. I love the tartness of the Apple + Strawberry, but there are a few flavors to try!

5. Babyganics Face, Hand and Baby Wipes via Amazon

I’ve always been very cognizant of what I’m eating, and I’ve tried really hard to be aware of what products I am using, not only for myself, but also for Millie. Millie has pretty sensitive and reactive skin, so when I’m home, I use water and cotton balls to clean her up when changing her diaper. When we need a bit more help or whenever I’m out, I use wipes. I like this Babyganics wipes best and always have a pack in my bag, in the car, and in multiple places in our house. These wipes don’t irritate her skin and work for multiple uses, so they’re great to have around. Side note: sometimes I really think these wipes smell like pizza–or maybe I’m just craving pizza–but I figured that was worth mentioning.