I Would Totally Twin Millie With This Shoe And Bag Combo

Mommy and me dressing isn’t typically my thing, but I could do it with accessories

I am still mostly on maternity leave but have been getting back into work when I can (I really miss it!). I unfortunately have spent more time than I’d like to admit on my iPhone browsing social media and playing candy crush while I nurse and burp because there is only so much time I can spend looking at Vaughn (you mama’s know how time consuming this process it). I try to spend some time being more productive by reading articles or answering emails, but let’s be honest I too inevitably fall into the social media trap. A lot of early bloggers that I know have young kids now too and I noticed the big trend of mommy and me dressing. A lot of moms are wearing matching outfits with their kids from head to toe. Real talk, it’s not for me.

But I can get behind it for a specific occasion or a photo. On the regular I couldn’t see myself doing that, but I am down with having some matching accessories and of course I think mommy and me handbags are the way to go. Millie and I already have a couple of twinning bags and I have a few shoes that match as well. I don’t spend time planning out our outfits however I’ve been itching for a pair of VEJA sneakers and I found a pair for Millie and me to match.

VEJA Holiday Sneaker for adults

VEJA Arcade Double Strap Sneaker for kids

I can’t attest to VEJA sneakers comfort level as I haven’t worn them myself yet, but I’ve seen them on a lot of people. One reason I love them is the V on the side of the shoe – now having Vlad and Vaughn, I dig the initial. And yes, I am fully aware that’s a silly reason to love a shoe, but I’m just keeping it real. As many of you know I’m a casual shoe kind of gal, so these are right up my alley and while so many people are going down the Golden Goose route, I’m not about to spend that on a sneaker. There’s a throwback vibe to these shoes and a variety of colorways. While I initially wanted this pair, I found this floral pair that I really like. And then to put icing on the cake, there is a kids version and while that version is much more than I spend on shoes for Millie (she outgrows them so fast), I can’t help but want to splurge anyhow.

The cool thing about the brand is the shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton and there’s a ton of vegan options as well. I love the floral print alongside the white and tan base of the shoe and the fact that there’s a kids version made me a little more excited than I’d like to admit. These 80s inspired sneakers sized down into a toddler size are way too cute and I know it sounds silly to say my 2 year old has an aesthetic, but I kid you not these are Millie’s vibe. The toddler version has velcro hook and loop straps and a better back of shoe color (a muted dusty rose). If they had this exact colorway for adults, I would have already clicked to buy. I would add Vaughn to the mix because there are a ton of other kids shoes, but I actually refuse to buy a shoe this expensive for him when he can’t walk. Adult version is $140 and kids version is $85 both via Nordstrom.

Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket – $495

Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket – $395

So now that we have the shoes picked, let’s grab matching bags shall we? I already have multiple Mansur Gavriel bags and Millie has a Mini Mini Bucket bag herself. Hers was a gift from the brand when I found out I was pregnant with her and she’s carried it a few times with some of her prized toys, like a Littlest Pet Shop. I still love the simplicity of the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag and I adore it in the Camello/Rosa combo, so to finish off this mommy and me accessory look, I’d opt for the Mini for me and the Mini Mini for Millie. This bag is really sturdy, holds up really well, is easy and light to carry, so it’s always been a winner in my book. Mini Mini is $395 and Mini is $495.

I know many of you are mamas too – do any of you buy matching clothes with your kiddos?