I Really Like the Danse Lente Phoebe Bag

If you’re looking for something sleek, modern, colorful and under $500 – this bag is for you

Last year I shared a post on the bag brands to watch (I have another post I’ve been working on for this year which should come soon) and while I didn’t include Danse Lente, it too is a newer brand that has taken the handbag realm by storm. The Danse Lente Phoebe Bag has sold out many times and while it is now in stock at various retailers in a wide variety of colorways and sizes, it is still just as coveted.

And you know who loves this bag most right now? Me.

I am yearning for newness.

I’ve been carrying a smaller bag when I don’t need to lug my diaper bag out with me and though I have plenty of well-known designer bags, I’ve really been loving trying new designs (I have a purseonals coming soon!). The next bag I really want to try out is the Danse Lente Mini Phoebe Bag – a modern and unique design.

The standout design features of the bag include the oversized spiral hardware, the colorblocked color combinations, and the large circle sitting in the center of the front flap closure. From an aesthetic point of view, I think this bag is eye-catching. It’s clean yet artistic and still appears to be incredibly wearable for daily use. The crossbody strap makes for easy carrying and there are plenty of colorways to choose from.


From a usability standpoint, I need to get this bag in my hands and see how it works on. While I love the spiral hardware that attaches the bag to the shoulder strap (they’re inspired by classical notebook bindings), I could see them sitting against my body awkwardly. The overall dimensions are 8″W x 5 ½”H x 4 ½”D and the interior is separated into two compartments (which I love).

If we were basing this mini review solely on appearance, I’m sold. And I am still fairly set on one of these bags as the price falls under $500 which at this time in the handbag world is very reasonable. I’m hoping to get a sample to review in person so I can return with a more in depth look at this bag. For now, what can I say other than the heart wants what it wants.

Buy via Nordstrom for $430.

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