I Just Discovered the Ultimate Bag Organization Hack

You’re welcome.

We all remember the bag that got away. For me, it’s a shiny black Givenchy Antigona in medium. When I first came across it, maybe three years ago now, I immediately fell in love with the color, shape, and size. At first glance, it appeared practical and chic – a style I could effortlessly rock from the office to happy hour to the airport. That is, until I took a look inside.

Then and now, the inside of the Antigona is comparable to a bottomless pit to, well, nowhere. And said problem isn’t limited to this particular bag style and designer. Countless other high-priced bags on the market are just as bad in terms of interior functionality, from the Louis Vuitton Speedy, to the Christian Dior Lady Dior, and the Chanel Gabrielle. They all lack pockets and a means of organization.

In other words, you’re paying a couple thousand dollars to throw your stuff in a leather bucket, albeit a very stylish one. (But still! A bucket!) Even worse, trying to find something in this scenario becomes nearly impossible, especially with the more stuff you have in the bag. Need to find my car keys? Yep, I’ll need a couple minutes because, naturally, they’re stuck at the way, way, way bottom beneath my phone, wallet, make-up case, and any other essentials I deemed necessary to throw inside. (The bigger the bag and subsequent bucket, the more likely I’ve tossed in a bunch of unnecessary stuff. I know some of you will be able to relate.)

That’s not to say all handbags fall victim to this problem. There are quite a few that have unbelievable levels of interior pockets, zippers, and other compartments and dividers that make organization a breeze. But if you fall in love with a bag that doesn’t, what should you do?

That’s where Samorga comes in. The online retailer specializes in 100 percent hand-made felt bag organizers and inserts. Just call it a miracle. (For the sake of transparency, I discovered Samorga via an Instagram ad. I’ve never been in contact with anyone from the company, and I’ve never received products for free.)

Samorga’s felt bag inserts are an easy way to organize your bag neatly and avoid losing or misplacing any of your belongings. Plus, if you want to switch purses, you can move your insert from bag to bag. Even better, inserting an organizer will ultimately help keep the shape of your bag intact. Convenience, comfort, and beauty… it’s an all-around win.

As for the different types of inserts, they’re available in 2, 3, and 4mm felt. Colors range from Scarlet Red and Light Lavender, to White, Black, Beige, and more than two dozen others, and prices average $40 to $60. They also have custom-made inserts for different bag styles and designers, including Chanel, Saint Laurent, Hermès, and Balenciaga.

I know some of you will probably question why you’d insert a $50 felt into a $2,500 bag (or more!). I understand your sentiment, but if you’re as Type A as me, it’s beyond worth it. And while this might not be a fool-proof solution, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. In the case of the Givenchy Antigona, I’d definitely consider purchasing that bag (or one like it) knowing I could then purchase an insert. If anyone out there is struggling with a bucket-esque bag, I highly recommend looking into it!