I Bought a White Bag and One Year Later I Kind of Wish I Hadn’t

You guys might say I told you so…

It’s been quite a year for my bag collection. In the last 12 months alone I’ve acquired 4 premium designer bags, and a few more contemporary bags that were gifted to me. With the many additions I’ve begun to switch out my bags a fair bit, allowing me to really baby my more delicate bags, especially my beloved white Chloé Drew. Back when I was fresh out of college with zero clue what I wanted to do I interned and freelanced at Chloé’s New York office. I loved my time there and it was a really exciting time to be with the company as the Drew and Faye era was just beginning. I started crushing on the Chloé Drew bag from the very beginning and I was bummed that I never got one when I was working there.

Fast forward to 3 years later and I was still crushing hard on the Drew when I found this white version on super sale. Though I really wanted it in black, red or grey the deal was too good to pass up and I snagged it without hesitation. I immediately put my stuff inside without really giving much thought to the fact that I now owned a white bag for the first time, until I wrote about it here and many of you questioned my choice. A few commenters pointed out the issue of color transfer, and asked if I was going to do anything to prevent it. Being that it was winter and I was often wearing a long coat I didn’t imagine this would be much of an issue, as I didn’t see my bag actually coming into contact with my jeans, and for many of its first wears, my bag did not.

I babied my Drew at first in the beginning, but as the colder months came and went spring and summer arrived and I sort of forgot how delicate my bag was. I still tried not to use it as much as I would any other bag, but I wasn’t as careful with it as I probably should have been. I often carried her to nights out in the city, and as you can imagine a white bag doesn’t mix well with dark, crowded bars and well, drunk people. Recently I was organizing my bag bin and I noticed a bit of color transfer on the back of my bag. At first I was kind of mad—’I babied this bag all year!’—I thought to myself, until I actually realized that I hadn’t taken as much care of it as I really thought I had.

Though I snagged a really great deal on this bag and I love the shape, size, overall look, and even the color, I kind of wish I hadn’t bought it at all. Deal or not, it’s really upsetting to purchase something nice only to realize that you can’t use it the way that you wish you could. I would love to wear this bag freely and without worry, but I just can’t do that. I don’t want to sell my Drew because I really do love it, and additionally with the way the back of the bag looks the value has seriously decreased. What’s a girl to do?

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