How Drinking a Plenty of Water Improves Your Diabetes?

Diabetes requires changing some habits and leading a particular lifestyle.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the diet requirements (this will depend on an individual, the type of diabetes, therapy, etc.), drinking plenty of water improves your diabetes, period.

So, what can you do immediately is make healthier water-drinking choices to manage diabetes and reduce any risk of further complications.

That’s why we comprised a handy guide that contains all the information on why and how water improves your health, and what are some ways to implement better habits.

Read on!

Why Drinking Enough Water Improves Diabetes Health?

As we are all acquainted with, drinking enough water is one of the primary ways of staying hydrated.

Maintaining a balanced amount of water and electrolytes in our body (which is, again, around 60% made of water) is crucial for our well-being.

We should do everything that’s in our power to avoid dehydration, even more so with diabetes.

Why do we say so? What is the reasoning for people with diabetes being at higher risk of getting dehydrated?

The science behind dehydration with diabetes

Namely, the main process that happens behind the dehydration is, of course, that our body is depleted of fluids and doesn’t absorb water well enough.

With diabetes, the blood glucose level is higher than normal, and that decreases the ability of your body to deal with water the way it is supposed to.

How is it so?

Simply put, when dealing with excessive amounts of glucose, your kidneys are very active in exerting it through the urine, which, in return, requires plenty of water.

And what happens when there isn’t enough water for processing the glucose? Dehydration.

In other words, with diabetes, our body (more precisely, kidneys) are in an “alerted” mode and require more water to function properly.

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Stay Hydrated?

It’s not that we’re neglecting the importance of hydration on purpose – who would do that to their own health? – but there are some factors that influence our daily life, and many of them are of a psychological nature.

Let’s see what are some of the problems before we get to the actual solution.

#1 Motivation

The effect of drinking plenty of water isn’t always visible. Perhaps the only thing you will notice is that you have to use the bathroom more often (and that’s an unpleasant one).

So, it’s easy to get discouraged and have a sense of demotivation when hydration is not observable.

But believe us, much more than you could anticipate is happening in your body!

Your primary motivation should always be your well-being and health, and just by delving deep into the matter today, you are closer to it.

Additionally, we have some motivational solutions for you, but we’ll get to that in a few seconds.

#2 Ability

The amount of water you ought to drink daily is around 11 cups, which is 2.7 liters. This means consuming water throughout the day at regular intervals.

However, you move a lot and spend your time in many different locations (we’re assuming that primary are home, work or school, and public or private transportation).

Evidently, the water will not be equally available at all of the places. How to make it accessible? Simply bring it with you in water bottles

#3 Triggers

When we say “triggers,” we mean triggers for the habitual processes that we are dealing with day-to-day.

You need something that will trigger you to drink a lot of water, and, after some time of reminding yourself you should, it will inevitably become a routine.

The Easiest Solution for Drinking Enough Water

Luckily, we’ve analyzed all of the problems mentioned above & implemented all our findings to come up with an effective solution – Diabetes Awareness Water Tracker Bottle program

How Will You Benefit From Water Tracker Bottles?

Basically, they eliminate all of the problems we mentioned earlier:

  • Motivational Quotes. Nicely designed motivational quotes on the bottles will encourage you to step up your water drinking game!
  • Improving Your Abilities. By taking this water bottle with you, you’ll be able to drink the water whenever and wherever you go. A quick refill (capacity is 32 oz), and there it is – a sufficient daily amount of water at your disposal.
  • Triggers. Having the bottle with you will help you develop a healthy habit of drinking enough water. There’s even a nice drinking schedule scheme on the bottle so that you can keep track of the progress.

The price is ~ $29.95 – which is acceptable for these exclusive designs (We all know amazing art cost a lot!). If you want to make sure that you’ll drink enough water every day – plus a super motivational design – I think that price is still cheap!

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Final Words

As we’ve established, drinking plenty of water is immensely important for diabetes. 

With specially designed 64Hydro water tracker bottles
, you will solve all the problems that cause dehydration and subsequent issues.

Congratulations; you are one step closer to improving your lifestyle!