Gucci Once Again is the World’s Top Luxury Brand

PLUS: this Off-White handbag is the most popular bag in the world right now

Every quarter, Lyst releases a report, called the Lyst Index, which analyzes the online shopping habits of shoppers around the globe. The report analyzes data from Google searches, sales, as well as other important markers such as brand and product social media call outs plus engagement stats worldwide. The report is issued quarterly, meaning it takes into account data from a three month period. The latest report issued for Q2 covers April, May and June.

For Q1, Virgil Abloh’s wildly popular streetwear brand Off-White was named the number one luxury player, but the latest data reports that Gucci has re-claimed its number one spot for Q2. This jump back to the top comes after Gucci saw a 20% growth in its revenue. The popularity of both Gucci and Off-White makes it impossible to ignore the serious spending power of both millennials and Gen Z.

Balenciaga, Valentino, Prada and Fendi all remained in the top 10, and the most notable change amongst these top players was the report that Prada’s revenue rose for the first time in 4 years.

From a product perspective, though Off-White might not be the number one brand overall, its Jitney 1.4 “Cash Inside” bag is currently the top must-have product around the globe.

Two other handbags made the list of top 10 products this quarter, including Chloé’s C Mini-Bag and, unsurprisingly, Bottega Veneta’s the Pouch by Daniel Lee. Lee’s appointment as creative director has clearly seen success as the Pouch has received 10,000 views per month since its big launch. Additionally, though the brand did not reach the top 20, it climbed 8 places in the Index’s top brands ranking.