Ferragamo’s Straw Bags Make the Perfect Summer Companion

You’ll want to carry these bags all season long

I’ve been lusting over a seasonal wicker or straw bag since last year. I need one like I need food and water—ok that’s a tad bit dramatic, but I can’t get the idea of a wicker bag out of my head. Now that mother nature is finally treating us to the beautiful weather we deserve after freezing our behinds off all winter, my summer mode is on in full force. I’ve been wearing all of the dresses, drinking all the margaritas, and enjoying every cool outdoor spot in my downtown NYC neighborhood. I have to say that I haven’t had a serious case of the shoppies in a couple of months. I’ve been pretty tame and I’m actually enjoying taking out my warm weather wardrobe from last season. However, the one thing I just can’t get off of my mind is the idea of purchasing a seasonal bag for summer.

This year the wicker trend is back and it’s bigger than ever. It’s nearly impossible to ignore, and every designer out there is doing some iteration of a straw or wicker bag. At times I find it hard to justify the price—both to myself and anyone asking me for handbag advice. However, these bags from Ferragamo are easily justifiable. For starters, the craftsmanship of Ferragamo bags is unparalleled. The brand has a long history of fine Italian craftsmanship that cannot be matched, and that is ever apparent in these Spring/Summer bags. Additionally, the leather and wicker combo makes these seasonal bags much more splurge-worthy than some of the other bags of its kind.

The Gancini Top Handle Bag

First up, we took a look at the Ferragamo Gancini Top Handle Bag. This bag is an elegant, vacation-worthy iteration of the iconic Gancini Bag. Featuring hand-crafted woven cords and a smooth leather flap, the Gancini Bag is your perfect summer companion. True to its name, this bag is finished with Ferragamo’s iconic gold-toned Gancini hardware. Beautiful in both its simplicity as well as its craftsmanship, the Gancini Top Handle Bag is also incredibly practical as it features studded metal feet and a removable shoulder strap.

A lined interior features one slit pocket which is ideal for storing sun-blocking beauty products like your trusty SPF, lip balm and rose water facial spray. The Gancini Bag comes in at a perfect size of 5.1″ L x 10.6″ W x 7.8″ D, which is perfect for storing all of your usual essentials plus a book or a journal (my favorite beach buddies!) and a snack or two. The Gancini Top Handle bag is available via Ferragamo (and currently on sale) for $1,323 in both black and tan.

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The Gancini Bucket Bag

The Ferragamo Gancini Bucket Bag is the handbag version of a picnic basket, it’s both adorable and incredibly well made, featuring wicker stitching and a leather trimmed finish. The inside of this bag is well thought out, and super practical, as it features a removeable fabric drawstring pouch. The bag, which is also lined in leather, can be worn with or without it. A mini Gancini closure and gold-toned studs accent the bag, giving it a bit of a fun edge. Though we shot the bag in two sizes, the smaller is available online via Ferragamo for $2,300. Overall dimensions are 7.8″ L x 6.6″ D.

Shot at The Williamsburg Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.