Do You Share Your Bags?

I have a strict no-borrow policy.

Growing up we learn the importance of sharing, the principal of it is engrained into our brains. Despite being conditioned to share from the earliest formative years of our lives, I must admit that as an adult I often feel like the bad kid in class who refuses to cooperate. It’s not that I hate sharing, in fact, I love to share many things in my life. However, when it comes to my bags, I just cannot get on board with loaning my collection out to even my dearest friends and family.


Despite the fact that I trust (most of) my friends and family, I cannot get on board with lending my beautiful bags to anyone, even for a short period of time. While this may look selfish from the outside, I have my own personal reasons for setting this boundary. As an avid bag lover and collector, I take special care of my bags and do everything in my control to preserve their condition. I never put my bags on the floor and am always especially mindful of my bag when I am out and about. The last thing I would want is for a friend or family member to accidentally damage one of my bags and create a reason for me to be resentful over it.

I work really hard to be able to have my collection of bags and every time I buy a bag, I know I am making the decision to own something that is astronomically priced (designer bag problems, right?). Just because I am willing to drop four-figures on a bag doesn’t mean that I expect the people in my life to spend the same amount, which is another reason I don’t like to share from my collection. If a bag was ever damaged by another person, I would expect that item to be replaced, and I just don’t want to get into that territory with my loved ones. I would just feel too uncomfortable asking for a replacement, which is reason enough not to lend a bag out.

What about you? Do you share your bags or do you have a strict no-borrow policy like I do?