Christie’s Handbags X Hype Auction Pairs Collectible Bags and Skateboards

This is the pairing of rare items you didn’t know you needed. In Collaboration With Christie’s.

The busiest shopping season is upon us and Christie’s latest handbag auction is now live just in time to delight and fill your holy grail wishlists. This time Christie’s dubbed their online event the Holiday Handbags x Hype Auction as the selection includes the rarest and most collectible designer handbags, accessories, and skateboards in the world.

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As for the bags, well Christie’s surely does not disappoint. Each auction is carefully curated and each bag selected can be the very bag you’ve been lusting after. There are classics, including SO Black Birkins and Kellys (at this point SO Black is the new classic) and of course there are rarities. No auction is complete without a Hermès Himalaya Birkin, this time 30cm, and there are other hard to find Hermès bags including a Tressage Birkin, Lettre Kelly, Flag Kelly and Contour Birkin. One bag that stands out most in this auction is a custom Hermès Rose Azalea Quelle Idole Bag as typically the Idole bags are seen in orange and black leather.

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We’ve covered the aspect of your Hermès bag as an investment (it can be as many Hermès bags appreciate in value, we break it down) and many of these bags may qualify as candidates that will not only retain their value, but also appreciate over time. Waiting for an Hermès bag that you truly desire from the store tends to be a long process. This Christie’s Auction cuts on the wait and offers special orders and other of the most popular Hermès designs without the wait.

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The auction of course sprinkles in additional bags from Chanel (including stand out pieces from past Karl Lagerfeld collections), Louis Vuitton, Moynat, and Bottega Veneta. Many of these bags wind up being sold at incredibly fair prices, if not deals, so keep your eyes out and track those lots if that’s what you fancy.

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If you’re a Supreme afficionado, you don’t want to miss this lot either. This is the inaugural selection of incredibly rare Supreme skateboards and accessories from a prominent collector. Including artist collaboration skateboards from George Condo, Kaws, John Baldessari, Ryan McGuiness, Richard Prince and Jeff Koons, these are collector’s pieces that make the perfect gift for the streetwear lover in your life. On top of that, there’s some of the most sought after other Supreme items including my personal favorite, the Louis Vuitton Red & White Monogram Malle Courrier 90 Trunk by Supreme which has an estimate of $50,000-$60,000. The intersection of art and luxury markets continues to converge and this auction is one of the most fun pairings yet.

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Shop the entire Christie’s New York Online Holiday Handbags x Hype Auction now!

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