Bottega Veneta Is the Latest Designer to Hop on the Pyramid Bag Trend

Keep your eyes peeled because this micro trend is about to be a full fledged one

When Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent all hop on a bag trend, bag lovers take notice. That’s exactly what happened back in August when pyramid shaped bags began popping up amongst our favorite handbag brand’s line ups. Though this cool, unique shape caught my eye, I almost missed it as a trend to watch because pyramid shaped bags are few and far between at the moment. The angular, structured shape works because it’s new and fun, but it also works because it’s right on target with the mini and micro bags that are seemingly everywhere.

Now, new designer Daniel Lee has introduced his own version of the pyramid bag for handbag giant Bottega Veneta. Lee’s ‘The Pouch’ made Bottega Veneta the brand to watch this year, and the brand’s designs and aesthetic are huge inspirations to other designers. Now that they’ve released their own version of the pyramid bag trend, it’s only a matter of time before this micro trend becomes a full fledged trend. As stated when we covered the start of this trend back in August, fashion trends flow vertically, starting with the upper class and making its way down. This is called the trickle down effect, and it’s just a matter of time before contemporary bag brands release their own adaptations of this hot new trend.

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Bottega’s pyramid bag currently comes in one size and two colors: sunset rose, which has a sparkling opalescent finish and nero, which has a smooth glossy finish. Both are made of calfskin with gold-toned hardware detailing and have a nappa leather lining. Purchase via Bottega Veneta for $2,500.