Both Classic and Modern, Introducing the Prada Tessuto Chain Bag

If you’re looking for a bright colored everyday bag, this is it. In Collaboration with Prada.

The resurgence of classic designer bags that many thought were left in the past are at an all time high, and this isn’t a bad thing. Not only classic to the house, but also nostalgic for a different era, these bags are part of the new everyday modern twist on bags from long ago. Prada is known for its nylon bags (it’s what got me started in the designer handbag realm) and the new Prada nylon offerings meld every element of Prada that I first fell for.

Introducing the Prada Tessuto Chain Bag, a bag that while simple offers an immediately-known Prada-vibe. The gold chain shoulder strap and top-stitching on the edges are the stand out style features of this bag along with the iconic triangle logo on the front. Perfectly in tune with seasonal trends, this bag is offered in bright and bold colorways as well.

PRADA Tessuto in Blue, Yellow, Black and Fuxia.

The Prada Tessuto Chain Bag is crafted from nylon, which makes the bag incredibly durable. But it’s not just the ease of cleaning that draws me to Prada Nylon bags (though that’s a major plus), there is something so simple and refreshing about nylon bags. The design and appearance is easy – and I mean that in a good way. I personally carry a Prada nylon bag daily and it still looks brand new after a year and a half of using it daily. If you are a designer handbag aficionado and want your bag to be both practical, durable and stylish, nylon is the way to go.

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While not a work sized bag, this bag is a great size for daily use with dimensions of 5.1″H x 10.4″W x 3.5″D. The interior offers more space than I assumed, and since the bag is crafted from nylon, it provides more give so you can add more items inside. The interior has a zippered pocket and the outside of the bag closes with a flap closure and magnetic button.

Of course a black option is available and if you’re looking for an easy-to-wear bag addition, black is the right choice. However, I’m personally drawn to the three bright, eye-catching colors offered. Pink, yellow, and blue all in a radiant and bold, almost neon colorway make the Tessuto Chain Bag stand out. Each of the three colors is offset with a heavier white top-stitching that adds extra dimension to the bag.

Having an on-trend bag is one of the reasons I love designer handbags. Of course a collection should have simple staples (the black version of this bag fits that category), but loving and carrying handbags is also about making a statement. These bags are the epitome of statement bags. Though bold, the bag is also simple which allows for use for seasons and years to come.

Shop via Prada for $1,690.

PRADA Tessuto in Fuxia