A Day With the Linjer Doctor’s Bag

Busy NYC days are no match for Linjer’s newest bag In Collaboration With Linjer

I see so many bags just based on the nature of what it is that I do for a living, and it’s not often that I ‘meet’ a new bag and immediately know it will work for me. Growing my bag collection is a lot more calculated than it used to be, and I don’t base an opinion solely on looks, or brand for that matter, anymore. Rather, I look for bags that are stylish and practical, but also I want a bag that does it all. Linjer‘s newest bag is just that bag, and after a day about town with the Linjer Doctor’s Bag I have a feeling you’ll love it too!

Living in a busy city like New York most definitely has influenced not only my overall tastes, but the type of bags that it is I like to carry. I look for pieces that are a little bit trendy, a little bit classic, but overall any bag I carry must be sleek and stylish. Not only that, but it has to be able to keep up with me. I’m constantly running around and I’m usually juggling multiple things at once. When I’m not sitting in a coffee shop building content for PurseBlog, I’m running from my apartment to brand events to meetings and back. In the meantime I’m usually juggling my third cup of coffee and my iPhone. I love a bag that can be worn cross body or thrown over my shoulder, allowing me to be completely hands free. At the same time, my days are ever so slightly more relaxed on the weekends and I want a bag that doesn’t look like a ‘work bag.’ The Doctor’s Bag is great because it will take you from week to weekend with ease.

The Doctor’s Bag was inspired by a vintage Parisian bag, and while the style is incredibly beautiful, the overall craftsmanship of the bag is really nice as well. The smooth Italian leather looks super chic in Navy, and it is nice and soft to the touch. When I took this bag out of its duster, I could smell the nice new leather bag and I immediately was impressed by the quality of the leather. It has 4 metal purse feet, which is great for protecting the leather on the bag. As I ran around town with this bag I only grew to love it more and more.

The Doctor’s Bag can be worn a few different ways, which is a great feature of a transitional bag. It looks dainty and very ladylike when carried via the top handle strap without the long strap attached. If I were to wear this bag out to dinner or drinks I would definitely carry the bag this way. It looks really cute and stylish when hand carried. Of course, for more practical use it can be worn over the shoulder or across your body with the longer strap attached. I ran around town with the Doctor’s Bag in tow, and the long strap was a lifesaver! The strap is also adjustable—another huge plus in my book—which means that this bag will work well for different heights and shapes. I’m 5’9″, for reference!

While this bag is not huge, it’s not tiny either, and it is in fact bigger than most of the bags in my current rotation. Imagine my surprise when I was able to fit not one, but two snacks (I never leave home without food) and my journal, along with my usual essentials. It’s large enough to even hold a kindle and a small water bottle, yet it’s also not too big that you would feel odd carrying it out at night. The inside is lined with a beige cotton-twill lining and there are two slit pockets. Overall dimensions are 9.3″ W X 7.9″ H X 5″ D. A push-lock closure in shiny gold stands out alongside the deep navy leather, and while the leather is not overly stiff and structured, the frame-like construction is. Priced right at $345 this bag is a luxe addition to your closet without the luxury price-tag.

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