A Closer Look at the Louis Vuitton Petite Boîte Chapeau

An in-depth appear at a single of Louis Vuitton’s trendiest bags which includes what you can in fact carry inside

Way back in November, we ultimately had been capable to location a name to a face—er, a bag—when Louis Vuitton released information and facts on a single of its most anticipated new types. We saw the Petite Boîte Chapeau in the hands of celebs and Instagram style stars for months, but the public wasn’t privy to any of its information till the bag appeared on Louis Vuitton’s web-site. You guys surely had a lot to say about this tiny bag, from the functionality of it to the price tag a lot of of you believed this bag was a really hard no, and whilst I agree with some of your reasoning, I nonetheless like to appear at this bag. It is stunning in its simplicity, and I adore how it is derived from a classic Louis Vuitton hat box. Though receiving my hands on this stunning tiny bag may have been a teeny bit self-motivated, these days I’ve got a treat for you: a detailed appear at the Petite Boîte Chapeau.

The very first word that comes to thoughts when speaking about the functionality of this bag is “structure”—it’s extremely structured and has zero give, so you match what you can jam in and then that is fairly significantly it. There’s not significantly wiggle space at all for what you can and cannot carry. In addition, you have to organize your stuff in such an odd way so that the bag will in fact close. Though its huge adequate to match an iPhone 7, it will not retailer bigger models. I added in a tiny, super-thin card case with my credit card and ID, a lip balm, lipgloss, Chanel makeup compact and named it a day. Yep, that is fairly significantly all I could comfortably jam in there, but let’s be truthful now—if you are carrying this bag, are you genuinely carrying out it out of function? I’m going to guess no!

Though this bag has a lot of cons, which includes usability to its price—retail is $four,200 by means of Louis Vuitton—its stylistic information make up for all of that. I adore every little thing about the style of this bag, from its circular shape and classic monogram canvas to its removable luggage tag and optional crossbody strap. I would give up a lot to carry this bag, which includes a couple of months of my rent! I cannot in fact do that, but if I could have it all this is certainly a single I’d snag. The bag has a lambskin lining with lambskin gusseted sides so that when you open it up, your stuff will not come out of the sides, which is certainly a plus. There are no pockets or internal slits, but once more, this bag is not a single I anticipated to have all the usual offerings of a bag that is quick to put on. General dimensions are six.2″ x five.9″ x two.8″.

Shot at The Ludlow Hotel NYC