A Close Look At The Already Sold Out Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case

And a peek at what else fits inside…

I utilized to devote a lot of time exploring my mom’s purses, acquiring my favourite products and placing some of my personal in for her to carry. One particular of my favourite products I loved from each my mom’s and grandma’s purses was their lipstick instances. Even though basic, I loved taking their lipstick out and figuring out what other smaller products of mine could match inside. A googly eye, a gem, a rock from outdoors, my Barbie’s sunglasses and a single of her rollerskates frequently produced its way into their smaller instances.

Speedy forward to right now, exactly where the new lipstick case on every single style lover’s thoughts is from Louis Vuitton. The extremely buzzed about, and currently sold out, Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case gathered inspiration from delicate makeup instances from the 1920s. Louis Vuitton created it as a mini cylinder that can be worn as a necklace (I couldn’t pull that off but I dig the notion of a person else undertaking so), a crossbody accessory (to actually showcase that much less is a lot more), or adorned to a bigger bag.

The outdoors cylinder is covered with classic monogram canvas with a smaller trunk lock closure. The gold metal chain is lengthy adequate to put on it various approaches and the top rated of the case characteristics an engraved LV Circle. Accessible each in the classic monogram colorway and the monogram reverse canvas with silver-colored hardware and chain, this mini item swiftly became a single of the most talked about Louis Vuitton pieces upon its release. Value is $1,390.

We wanted to see what else match inside of the case, aside from the apparent lipstick. If you get crafty and consider tiny, you can make this case operate for you. Money is a no-brainer, a small treat or two fits inside as properly, and other smaller beauty products. Coins? Positive. A slim important? Yep. A handful of gummy bears? Yum and yes. The mini possibilities are endless but if you want to use the case as intended, a classic lipstick fits completely properly as well.