9 Signs that You’re Dehydrated

What’s It Mean?

When your body loses more water than it takes in, as a result, dehydration occurs. Dehydration leads to an imbalance between the regular levels of minerals, salts, and sugars present in the blood, making it difficult for your body to function as usual.

As you already know, water is crucial for our good overall health. Water will help you reduce bloating; it will flush out the toxins from your body, preventing many diseases, inflammations, and infections. Remember, you will lose water by simply breathing, sweating, urinating, etc.

Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration usually occurs by an inadequate intake of water and fluids.

A side effect of illness like vomiting and diarrhea, especially when followed by fever, is significant water loss. Excessive loss of fluid through sweat will occur with people who are diabetic, as well as athletes who are constantly at great risk of dehydration.

Main Reasons Why You Might Not Replace the Water Loss

It happened to all of us to forget to drink water, mainly because we are too busy, and we forget to stop and take a quick break to replenish the water. Sometimes people don’t realize they are thirsty. You know that feeling in your stomach when it rumbles, and you feel that unpleasant burn? That is your body desperately telling you it craves water, not food!

The problem is that people think that drinking coffee, soda, and tea will be enough to rehydrate. They can’t provide enough minerals to satisfy your body needs, and in most cases, they will do you wrong since they will lead to frequent urination.

9 Signs That You Are Low On Water

1. Persistent Bad Breath

Your body produces saliva to fight the bad breath since it has antibacterial properties. But if you do not consume enough water, your body can’t produce enough of it, which leads to bacterial overgrowth in your mouth.

2. Dry or Flushed Skin

It is a common mistake to think that people who are dehydrated are very sweaty. In reality, when they are in deeper stages of dehydration, their skin becomes flush and very dry and itchy. It will appear less flexible than normal, and if you pinch it, you will find out it takes a bit more time to get back to its flat state.

3. You Feel Hungrier

Hungry woman fork knife empty plate - what happens when you dont drink enough water

When you are dehydrated, food cravings will appear for sure. Lack of water will affect how your liver functions. If there is not enough water, the liver can’t release enough glycogen and some other compounds so your body will get food cravings. Mainly for sugar because your body needs glucose to fuel your body quickly.

4. Your Energy Drops

Woman napping - what happens when you dont drink enough water

As I said before, if you do not drink enough water, your body will not function properly since levels of sugar, salt, and minerals in your body will decrease. Dehydration will not allow your body to fuel properly, and your energy will drop throughout the day. If it is too hot outside with a lack of water, your level of electrolytes will change as well, so you might even experience muscle cramps and fatigue.

5. You get Crankier

Angry woman - what happens when you dont drink enough water

It is natural to feel moody when you are hungry, but it will also happen if you are dehydrated. If you are constantly tired and your head hurts, you will be unable to function as you used to, so naturally, you will be crankier than usual.

6. You get Headaches

Man embarrassed headache - what happens when you dont drink enough water

Even mild dehydration will lead to dehydration headache, and what is worse, it can trigger a migraine headache. Although there are various factors besides dehydration that can cause headaches, not drinking enough water is one of the most common. Remember drinking a full glass of water during the day will help you ease your pain. In severe cases, you can even experience lightheadedness and confusion.

7. Decreased Urination

Woman in bathroom - what happens when you dont drink enough water

Well, this is logical; if you do not take enough fluids, you will not urinate often. This is a significant problem since your body is removing harmful toxins throughout the kidneys and urine. If it happens that you do not urinate at all, it means you are in the severe stage of dehydration.

8. Your Pee Changes Color

The color of the urine is one of the best indicators of dehydration. If you drink enough water and you are well hydrated, your urine will be clear with a tinge of yellow. People who do not drink enough water will have darker yellow or even slightly orange colors of the urine.

9. You Lose Focus

Woman being forgetful at work - what happens when you dont drink enough water

Did you know your brain is 73% water? Now imagine what can happen if you do not drink enough water to replenish the loss. Dehydration will make you unable to concentrate while you work since you will lose focus from time to time.

Tips To Stay Hydrated

If you think staying hydrated during the day
is hard, you are wrong; there are a few things you can change and help yourself out.

Here are a few tips you should consider:

  • If you are bored of drinking plain water, spice it up with some lemon and herbs
  • Drink herbal teas without adding sugar
  • Food is also a great source of water swap from processed snacks and eat veggies and fruits instead
  • The most important tip is to always keep your water bottle with you. The best thing you can do is to purchase a water tracker bottle
    that has a built-in timer to remind you when the time has come to take your dose of water. It is safe to carry around since it has a great leak-proof design, and it will let you infuse your water and make it a tasty treat.