75% of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated and Here’s Why

Little did you know how much dehydration is prevalent among us Americans. Almost 75% of our population is chronically dehydrated, and that is alarming news. What is worrying is how people are unaware that they do not hydrate their bodies enough.

Drinking beverages like coffee, tea, soda, or alcohol will only lead to excessive loss of water and won’t do a single thing about replenishing the water level in your body. Also, an unhealthy diet is bad since the food high in sodium will disrupt the water balance in your body.

People get worried only after they start feeling first signs of dehydration like fatigue, foggy memory, dizziness, headaches, and more. Not drinking enough water is one of the leading causes of kidney stones.

So if we know that water is the key to our good overall health, why is it so hard to stay hydrated?

Why Is It So Hard For Us to Stay Hydrated?

I know how we all think drinking enough water is so easy that it should not even be issued, right? But we all fail so hard on that task that there is a need to question why? Just simply, why is it so hard to consume enough water? Is it that hard to get up and drink a glass of water a few times a day?

Well, sadly, it seems to be like that.

One of the most common reasons is a lack of motivation. If you don’t feel any consequences, you will not be worried, and your motivational drive will be at its lowest. The truth is that when we don’t have water in the reach of our hands or even sight, we forget about it. How many times were you lazy to get up and walk to the kitchen to take a glass of water? 

Work on your ability to have water ready whenever you need it, or else if you must get up for it, write it off, immediately. Also, plain water is not so intriguing and many people do not enjoy drinking it.

Also, a lack of trigger can be a quite demotivating moment. On the other hand, if you keep water next to you, your body will crave it just like with food, right? You see the pizza, you must have pizza. It is as simple as that.

5 Motivational Water Tracker Bottles For Corgi Lover

It is very hard to stay motivated; that is for sure, but you can always help yourself out with investing in a water tracker bottle
. If you never encountered one before, get ready to be blown off.

From now on, this water bottle with a timer will be your trusted companion since it will remind you to drink your water eight times a day or how many times you want, considering you can personalize your data settings. This will teach your body to crave water at an exact time each day, which in the long term, leads to solving the triggering problem.

This is the simplest way to stay hydrated all throughout the day since the capacity of this bottle is 32 oz. or in other words –  just refill once and you’ll reach your daily goal. Having a smart water bottle
is the best solution for the above-mentioned ability problem.

You already know how monotonous water can be, so don’t let that get you out of your way. Drinking fruit infused water from the cute tracker bottle with motivational quotes can brighten your day. 

Here are some of our favorite water tracker bottles that will, for sure, make every doggo lover smile at an instant.

1. Corgi Get Over It  HAH2805001 Water Tracker Bottle

Take a good look at how cute this fluffy Corgi is while he is overcoming the biggest obstacle in his life – his shortness! If his short chubby legs can reach the heights, there is no such thing you can’t weather. 

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2. Corgi NPT1604003 Water Tracker Bottle

Are you in urgent need of a mood-booster? Corgi doggo is at your service yet again! Take a quick glance at this cute fluffy Corgi butt and try not to imagine it jumping and jiggling in front of you. 

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3. Corgi HAL2403005 Water Tracker Bottle

We all have that one short person we adore and is there a better way to tell them how much we care than making sure they stay well hydrated and motivated. Make them feel special by giving them this cute puppy water bottle. 

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4. Fukitol Corgi HNY0405005 Water Tracker Bottle

Sometimes we get in those situations when the only solution is to say furk it all I’m going to take a break. Is there a more convenient water bottle than this one with a cute Corgo on it who shares the same attitude as you? 

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5. Corgi Butt HAH2705002 Water Tracker Bottle

Yup, you figured it out we just love, love them Corgi dogs and their cheery personality, sassiness, and fluffy buts they make our smile wider and our days brighter. Who does not love to get compliments, and when it comes from this immensely cute Corgi, you know you did something right.

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Let’s Recapitulate

We can not emphasize enough how drinking enough water on a daily basis is important. Your body is your sanctuary, and you need to take care of it. Water is a key to a happy life; don’t forget that, and all you gotta do is make drinking water a habit you won’t give up on easily. Considering many of you find that habit especially hard, we developed these water bottles for your aid.