7 Things Nurses Should Never Do In Front Of The Patients

You have a very important duty working as a nurse, and your words carry a lot of weight, so be very careful how you use them, where, as well when. It might sound weird, but there are some bedside manners that you should never break. 

Being a good nurse means you will always know how to act, what to say, and what you should never do in any circumstances. It will all come to you with time and experience, but if you want to find out what type of behavior is a big no-no in your working field, read on.

1. Never Give False Hope

Never give them false hope by saying things like, “You will be just fine”. It may seem like the right thing to do in that situation to calm them down, but unfortunately, you may create a messy situation since it might not be medically accurate. 

The thing you must learn is that you should never give false hopes or sugar-coated answers to someone who’s health you are talking about. The only person who should make a diagnosis is a doctor. Also, if a patient asks you about how much a creatine procedure hurts, you should never give an easy and inadequate answer considering everyone has different pain thresholds. 

2. Never Show You Have a Bad Day

Bad toxic days will happen to all of us, whether we like it or not. The important thing is that you should never let that affect your patients. Learn to put your own personal problems aside. Your patients are dealing with numerous concerns about their health, and they do not want to see you losing your temper. 

Practice self-control and do not lose it even when you are interacting with even the most annoying patients. Keep in mind that they can get a bit short-tempered because they are afraid. Always remember that your job is to help them and make them feel safe and calm.

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3. Never complain About Your Colleagues

It is inevitable that sometime in your career, you will come across a coworker that will have a completely different opinion from yours. The main point is that you should use these differences to complement each other’s work and make your team stronger instead of competing with each other, making work unpleasant and stressful. 

The worst thing you can do is let the patient see the intolerance between you and your colleague. Or even the worst situation is to bad-mouth them, in the heat of your frustration, in front of the patient. This will, for sure, cause them to lose confidence and feel suspicious about you being able to help them. 

Of course, if you see or feel that something was done incorrectly and that it could have endangered the patient, don’t stay quiet, rather find a private spot and point that out to your colleague and teammate. In case the situation can’t be quietly discussed between the two of you, you can always dress your nurse manager.

4. Never Act Too Busy to Give Them Attention

It is in the nature of your work to be messy and confusing. As a registered nurse, you will often experience situations where you will be pulled in ten different directions, and you will not be sure where to start. In case you work as a bedside nurse, it can get even worse. Sometimes you will have up to five or more patients that all need your attention right this way.

Anyhow, it can be very stressful and challenging to meet all their needs, especially if you are currently alone. That is why multitasking is a very important quality you must have if you want to work as a nurse.

When your patient is in pain, or in a panic state, or just needs some help getting dressed or going to the bathroom, they certainly do not think about other patients you have to deal with as well. In that case, you can never allow yourself to tell them that you are too busy and that they need to wait. The thing you should do is ask for the help of your coworker.

In case non is free to help you out, the next thing is to communicate with your patient appropriately. Tell them that you understand that they are in pain or afraid and that you will be there for them in 5 minutes. Just never ignore them or blow them off. 

5. Never Act Surprised

Before you speak out, think. Imagine yourself in their skin. Don’t let surprised comments come out of your mouth in front of your patients, even if that is something you really never seen before. No patient wants to hear you say that since it will make them feel like they are suffering from some sort of rare, incurable disease. 

Remember, you will learn daily working as a nurse, so make sure you always stay calm and with the attitude like you have seen it all before. That will, for sure, make them feel more comfortable and safe.

6. Keep Personal Opinions to Yourself

When you work as a nurse, you should be aware that you are working in a position of power. But that should not mean you can abuse that power. You can not allow yourself to discuss nor express your own opinion about your patients’ healthcare choices, or religion, or even political beliefs since that will, for sure, make them feel uncomfortable.

You, as a nurse, care for the patient as a whole, which means you should honor their decision and keep them informed about their healthcare with objective information. You should help them understand medical terminology in a simple common way and stay objective at the same time. 

7. Never Have Personal Conversations in Front of Patients

It is great when you find close friends among your colleagues. That is even desirable considering you will spend a lot of time with them. It is natural that you want to share some personal information with them, or even discuss your weekend plans, or how your shopping trip was. 

But remember the patient room is not a good place to do that no matter if you are doing some procedure or just helping them go to the bathroom. If you discuss your personal matters above their heads, they will, for sure, feel like they are not a priority to you.

There’s a time and place for everything. When you are at work, all your focus should be on your patient. You can always use a lunch break to catch up with your colleagues.


There are some nursing skills they won’t teach you at school, that is why you should always keep an eye on your more experienced colleagues, always ask for advice, and think before reacting. 

The best thing you could do is place yourself in your patients’ position and think about how your words and acts can affect them.