6 Ways to Give the Women in Your Life a Lift When They Hit Hard Times

 Ways to Give the Women in Your Life a Lift When They Hit Hard Times

Listen — but Be in Solutions Mode

Sometimes everyone just needs a friend who will listen to her vent. In the initial days after a personal crisis, just making yourself available a little more often on the phone or in person can help a friend in a bad place. The first week, let her wallow; the second, formulate a plan to make her feel better. Respect your differences in personalities, but work together to get your bestie back to her most empowered self.

Let Her Be the Cruise Director

For a bit, anyway. Is she a cocktail gal? Schedule drinks. Is she more of a yogi? Indulge in a low-key yoga session — bonus if you can get into a goat yoga class. Exercise and pets — who can’t use a little of that when they’re down in the dumps?

Plan a Getaway

Getting out of town, even just for a weekend, can help empower your BFF and help break her out of her funk. There’s something to be said for changing your latitude and your attitude.

If You’re on the Run, Pick Your Most Hilarious Friend to Come With

You’re gonna need a little levity when you find yourselves in crazy and extreme situations. If you’re going to be forced out of your comfort zone and into a European-hopping spy adventure, make sure you bring along your most fun partner in crime.

Become Involved in an International Conspiracy If She Needs You To

Because that is the textbook definition of ride-or-die, is it not? Be her wingwoman in any and all regards. Perhaps your BFF is fortunate enough not to discover that her ex is a spy, but let her know you’ll stop at nothing to be there for her when the going gets tough. Bestie love is real love, after all.

Read positive things

Some people find motivational quotes quite corny, but believe me when I say they can help you. Whatever sort of motivation it is you need, weight loss, working more efficiently or even relationship motivation; Google and most social media sites are full of pretty much whatever you require. Make use of these platforms.

You can also bring a motivational book to read in your free time, or maybe a cup or a bottle of water printed quotes so that whenever you see, you can remind yourself.

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