4 Summer Beauty Tips Black Women Need

“What are your summer beauty tips for black skin?” That’s a question that I get all the time. My answer? Consult your makeup BFF. Mine is celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine. He’s responsible for making some of the greats even more beautiful, think Queen Latifah (aka Dana as he calls her), Destiny’s Child, Veronica Webb, Iman, Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, Brandy… his list is plentiful.

So I called Sam Fine one late Wednesday evening (no really it was 12am) and we chatted about what every brown girl should be doing this summer to not only look wildly gorgeous but how to officially get the summer sun-kissed glow we all dream of.

Here’s 4 Summer Beauty Tips For Black Women

TIP # 1: Keep your skin moisturized

In the summer you must switch your moisturizers and start thinking about sun care. These things that are pivotal. You’re usually a little bit drier in the summer because you’re in a lot of heat. Add lightweight moisturizers with SPF to your beauty routine.

When you’re looking at your foundation and you’re noticing that it’s not that exact match that it was in the fall it’s because you’re probably getting color and you don’t even realize it because you’re not wearing a great SPF. That’s always something to think about.

Drink enough of water everyday is so important too. It is commonly recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Although there is little science behind this specific rule, staying hydrated is important.

If you feel like it’s too hard to drink enough of water everyday – you should try these African water tracker bottles!
 It really helps me stay on track with my water intake. Not to mention it’s such an eye-catcher and motivated me so much!

TIP # 2 Refrigerate your products

In the summer I definitely keep some of my toners in the refrigerator because they feel better going on and that’s always like a fun thing to do. In fact, when we’re filming “The Queen Latifah” I often put under eye treatments and face masques in the refrigerator for Dana.

So when she comes in she can relax and do something before she comes to me. Whether it’s about tightening, firming, moisturizing or perhaps it’s just that you’re a little tired you want to give yourself a boost periodically. It’s a really good way to get things started in the morning.

TIP # 3 Don’t wait until you’re sweating to blot

I’m always talking about this on my DVD. After you apply foundation, whether you’re wearing cream foundation, just concealer, or no foundation at all and only applying moisturizer, take a 2 ply tissue, separate the tissue and blot.

It helps for foundation to look more skin like and you don’t need as much powder. Summer is definitely the time you want to glow a bit. This will create more luminosity and it looks more natural to the skin. It also helps when you’re reapplying makeup if you’re going to powder in the t-zone.

This is a great trick that will pick up any oils or any perspiration you may have first before you apply powder. It goes on so much more smoothly without catching in certain areas. It won’t go on blotchy, because you’ve removed more of the moisture so it doesn’t cling.

 TIP # 4 Always wear a primer

Primer! I can’t talk about primer enough. I think a lot of women are familiar with it but they don’t realize that it really is the antiperspirant for your face. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

There are primers to wear underneath makeup to help your makeup go on more smoothly and last a bit longer. Nowadays there are tons of foundations that dry down to a powdery finish.

So you’re really adding another agent to help keep it together. So that’s one thing that helps you to beat the summer heat for sure.