10 Ways We Feel About Handbags On a Daily Basis, as Explained in GIFs

Because everyday is National Handbag Day for us

1. Deciding that purchasing a new bag will not only complete your wardrobe but also make you infinitely happier, even if only for a few minutes.

2. Rationalizing the reason you NEED this bag in your collection, even though you already have 5 others that could be confused for this one.

3. Hearing there’s a price increase on a bag you already pined for, saved for, and planned for.

4. Life’s too short. I’m buying the bag.

5. Proudly carrying your designer bag and someone tells you their fake is ‘just like the real thing!’

6. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing the bag you love on EVERY. SINGLE. INFLUENCER.

7. Giving in to the hype and finally carrying the bag everyone else has, because you loved it first damnit.

8. Opening a bag you haven’t used in a while, and finding cash inside.

9. Treating your bag like a baby because it carries some of the most important items in your life and is your ultimate security blanket.

10. Hanging out and chatting with handbag lovers here daily, because we’re in this together!